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Awesome! I want that He-man statue! I hope it isn't very expensive.
He-Man will quite possibly be in the $250.00 to $300.00 category, when compared to similar licensed characters, i.e. Lion-O, Mumm-ra, etc..

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Translating Filmation into any sort of 3D format is a real challenge. It's definitely a great looking sculpt, IMO! The paint application will be the real test. Here's hoping for awesome paints! *crosses fingers*
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the body looks fantastic, the head I am worried about. I prefer hand sculpted for humans, the 3d stuff usually feels 'colder' that's what I'm getting so far from the head. there are 3D sculpted stuff that rocks, but when it doesn't that's the feeling i get and thus far (and admittedly it's not a close up shot) from the head.
I completely agree with both these sentiments. The paint applications can make or break a great sculpt, and as mentioned, the translation from a "simple" animation cel to a three-dimensional statue needs to have a spot-on paint job to make it work.

Also, He-Man's face has always been an area of contention when it comes to the third dimension. I hope that PCS can pull off the translation well. He-Man's portrait is arguably the most important part of this statue.

The Filmation characters are deceptively simple in design, yet incredibly difficult in execution.... we will all just have to keep an eye on the progression of these statues.