View Poll Results: Who did you miss in 2012?

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  • Star Sisters w/ Glory Bird

    17 14.41%
  • Sorceress

    11 9.32%
  • Fisto

    11 9.32%
  • Fearless Photog

    23 19.49%
  • Shadow Weaver

    19 16.10%
  • Kobra Khan

    10 8.47%
  • Thunder Punch He-Man

    11 9.32%
  • Draego-Man

    9 7.63%
  • Stinkor

    10 8.47%
  • Slush Head

    11 9.32%
  • The Mighty Spector

    26 22.03%
  • Horde Prime

    13 11.02%
  • Snake Man-at-Arms

    13 11.02%
  • Griffin

    19 16.10%
  • Spikor

    7 5.93%
  • Vykron (any version)

    25 21.19%
  • Sir Laser Lot

    24 20.34%
  • Mekaneck

    3 2.54%
  • Dragon Blaster Skeletor

    10 8.47%
  • Snake Men

    17 14.41%
  • Frosta

    16 13.56%
  • Rattlor

    10 8.47%
  • Cy-Chop

    25 21.19%
  • Dekker

    18 15.25%
  • Eternos Palace King Randor

    11 9.32%
  • Castle Grayskullman

    24 20.34%
  • Temple of Darkness Sorceress

    21 17.80%
  • Mosquitor

    14 11.86%
  • Procrustus

    19 16.10%
  • Granamyr

    33 27.97%
  • Got them all!

    39 33.05%
  • Got all I wanted!

    24 20.34%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Who did you miss in 2012?

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    Evil Master of Mazes! Zargon's Avatar
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    Who did you miss in 2012?

    Who/What did you not get from Matty in 2012?

    * Note I did not include the Snake Mountain stands & Great Unrest Weapon Pak since they are not whos and did not include any reissues or special paks (i.e. Kidnapping of the Princess).

    I got them all including the Great Unrest Weapon Pak and 2 versions of Vykron.
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    In disguise! Barbecue17's Avatar
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    The only figure I didn't get was Granamyr. When it came down to the sale date, I just decided I had no use for him. Got everyone else, though.
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    Clown Prince of Darkness Benedict Judas Hel's Avatar
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    I got all the ones I wanted...
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    Heroic Warrior undeadplastic2711's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Still missing bubble power She-Ra
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Feb 2010
    Got all I could afford...its been a tough year financially for me. Still hoping to play some catch up in the new year, but not sure how likely that is...especially after biting the bullet on Castle Grayskull.

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    Heroic Warrior rankinman's Avatar
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    The only one I won't have is Granamyr, just a little too close to Christmas for my wallet. Hopefully he'll be back out this summer.
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    Eternian Henchman motu77's Avatar
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    One way or the other I got everything, including the weapons pack, sm stands, and all 3 Vykrons, that was put out in 2012. I hope for the same in 2013!
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    Claw Full Of It Clawful Ofit's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    Wow I never realised how many from '12 I'm missing.

    Star Sisters, Sorceress, Shadow Weaver, Kobra Khan, Stinkor, Horde Prime, TP He-Man, DB Skelly, SMAA, Photog, Spector, SLL, TODS, Griffin, Snake Men & Vykron.

    I gotta get on that...
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    Fake Impostor Non-Fan pH6's Avatar
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    22 in total...half of which I wouldn't have wanted to by anyway, or couldn't have got because I didn't have a sub. But such items like any Sorceress or SNAKE MEN not in a two-pack...I've just had it with this line.
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    Heroic Warrior Micro-Man's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Originally, I passed on Fearless Photog but I eventually got him during the recent BF/CM sale. Now that my December order is placed, that completes 2012 with all the figures. Technically, I didn't get the Barbarian or Space Ace boxed versions of Vykron but it doesn't matter to me because I open all my figures and I didn't need to display all three outfits at the same time.

    This year has been hell on my wallet, though...I'm glad that 2013 looks more manageable so far! (I'm still wary of the upcoming NYTF surprise announcement, though, heheh!)

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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    I got it all, including 2 Snakemen sets, the Weapons Pak and a set of SM stands. It's been a fantastic year for MOTUC!

    I would've liked a couple more Griffins, but decided to stick with one, which my wife named "Niffurg." (She named my 2 Shadow Beasts Steab and Widash. Cute.)
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    Heroic Warrior Mad Scientist's Avatar
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    I passed on a lot of figures (specially 30th aniversary ones), I only missed The Griffin and Horde Prime. After that I got everything I wanted

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    President of Primus Ornclown's Avatar
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    Only missed out on Castle GrayskullMan...... I can't believe how quickly he sold out - both times he went up for sale!
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    Sorcerer of Night Lord_Of_Destruction's Avatar
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    I was set to get everything but then got hit by a scam artist and had to cancel my card and with it my subs. So I missed out on December's figures. I wasn't really interested in Procrustus, I managed to work out a trade to obtain Granamyr, but I still need to get Mosquitor!
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    Evil & armed for combat TJRules's Avatar
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    Got all the ones I wanted except Mekaneck cuz he was the same month as Power-Con and wanted to save some moolah for that. Thanks, Val.

    I'll get him later. Maybe try to trade for him. We'll see.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    I missed most of the non-vintage stuff, because I have no interest in them...

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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    Got them all.
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    Heroic Wisconsinite JSteele's Avatar
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    I missed WAY too many Time to play catch up

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    tod sorceress. missed here because was caught unawares. only want her cause of stand but will get her

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