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Thread: Would You Be Opposed to Cloth/Fabric in MOTUC?

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    Should cloth/fabric parts be allowed in MOTUC?

    I know these are dirty words around here, but would people be opposed to cloth/fabric parts or pieces for characters? For example, many of the POP figures had cloth on their vintage counterparts. Some designs would be easier to make if they could simply have fabric clothing instead of hard plastic. Would people here be opposed to some characters having cloth parts?

    We already have Grizzlor with fur, so it's sort of similar to have soft material in place of hard plastic. Not every new figure, just some for which articulation and design could be an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sirsniffy View Post
    Would You Be Opposed to Cloth/Fabric in MOTUC?
    As such no. I would not be opposed to cloth/fabric in MOTUC.
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    I clicked yes...why is it saying I clicked no?

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    no. no purpose.

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    no. its good without fabric
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    I have been missing cloth capes since the late 90's. We get them every once and a while on a smaller figure, but I feel that they're better for display. Yeah, I get that it'll always look perfect in plastic for the most part. But, I doesn't weigh down the figure and doesn't hinder the articulation.
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    I think for some softer things would be good, for one I hate that Adam has his arms so far out to the sides because he's wearing a simple shirt, like he has on Battle Armor or something....

    I would like hair to somehow be softer....She-Ra's bugs the hell out of me, and the lack of posability with the hair on many figure....

    I think however the molded capes look good as opposed to being, not exactly sure how to's not really a figure basis, it's more a what on what figure basis.
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    I voted for the only on a per character basis option.

    A good example would be Netossa. Her cape/net should have been a cloth fabric...
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    I'd say yes but there has to be a certain level of quality to the material and how it's used. King Greyskull's cape comes to mind. It would have to match the quality of the rest of the figure or else it's a waist of time.
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    Yeah, Netossa definitely needed a cloth/net like material for her cape. I could see it being useful on someone like Eldor as well. You know, give him a real Obi-Wan Kenobi vibe.

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    Yeah, Netossa definitely needed a cloth/net like material for her cape. I could see it being useful on someone like Eldor as well. You know, give him a real Obi-Wan Kenobi vibe.
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    Sure, on a case-by-case basis.
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