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Thread: Filmation Weapons Pack

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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Man54 View Post
    It's the Sword of the Ancients and supposed to be coming with Fang Man
    SWEET!!! I can't believe I never noticed this! And I was standing right in front of him at SDCC, doh!! Thanks 54!

    Quote Originally Posted by Akai View Post
    Maybe this should be called Accessory's Pack. Accessories are just as cool as weapons such as Randor's chalice and Wun-Dar's loaf of bread.
    Totally agree! Accessories and weapons could make for some awesome packs.... and with CG on it's way, we will need accessories and weapons!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaster View Post
    and the soon to be "announced" Castaspella.
    "Soon to be announced"? You know something we don't?
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    Quote Originally Posted by He-bro View Post
    Here's the ones I've made:
    {followed by awesomeness}
    Those are really well made. So pimp!
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    Just gimme Madame Razz, goddammit!

    Seriously though, I would like to see She-Ra's shield in silver and any other transformations (her head in a helmet would be great, if slightly morbid).

    And Skelly's Havoc Staff
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    -- Photanium weapons

    -- Shaping Staff

    -- Horn of Evil

    -- Orko's medallion

    -- Scarab of Power

    -- Masks of Power

    -- Sword of the Ancients

    -- Trap Jaw weapons

    -- Coridite

    -- Golden Disks of Knowledge

    -- Time Wheel

    -- Skeletor's axe and crossbone sword

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    Why have a Filmation Accessory pack, it's just going to be full of non detailed items?....Filmation = No Details after all....

    Sorry, I thought there was a lack of negativity towards Filmation here.... I was channeling the opposers for a moment....

    Anyway, all I've seen are good ideas, and some I never even thought about....

    Oh, I'd like a new back strap for He-Man, one that has the sheath like in the toon too.
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    Well it seems the only thing that can be done is 3 Filmation packs. Though Mattel will not due all new sculpts. The only loophole is them putting something made for a figure that could not be packed with him/her due to cost. Everything here is all new.

    I would love a Sword of Protection pack, with all the things She-ra's sword transforms into, Sword to Rope, Sword to Helmet, Sword to Shield and so on.

    Then a pack of the ancients, with the shaping staff, Golden Disc, Diamond Ray, etc.

    Then a pack of heroes/villans with Orko's pendant, Trapjaws crossbow, Teela's staff, Strato's Egg of Avion, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfall1976 View Post
    Oh, I'd like a new back strap for He-Man, one that has the sheath like in the toon too.
    Gods be good I would KILL for an accessory like this! Good call Shady '76!
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    Staff of Avion (Stratos needs SOMETHING)

    Man-At-Arms Stasis/Freeze Ray

    Shaping Staff

    Golden Disks of Knowledge

    Diamond Ray of Disappearance

    Coridite Crystal (it also appeared as a greenish emerald-like rock later in the series, but I prefer this earlier version)

    These are just the more memorable ones that come to mind. I'm sure I could come up with LOTS of other cool artifacts, weapons, etc...
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    Lot of nice suggestions here, i'd definitely buy a couple of Paks if Mattel decide to make it happen.
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    I mentioned it in another thread, but I'd like a clear King Grayskull orb with a flame inside. From the episode where Orko had to re-light Granamyr's fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfall1976 View Post
    ...Oh, I'd like a new back strap for He-Man, one that has the sheath like in the toon too.
    YUUUUPPPP!!! I agree. Along with... (some are repeats)

    2. Skeletor's Havoc staff with the orb implanted at the back of the skull.
    3. Skeletor's axe with the larger orb at the top of the shaft.
    4. Mer-man's staff with the crimson pearl imbedded (as I stated earlier)
    5. Filmation style Power Sword
    6. Diamond Ray of Disappearance
    7. simple/basic sword Skeletor, Teela and others use constantly
    8. Trap Jaw's crossbow
    9. Trap Jaw's winch
    10. and many of the other cool items already mentioned here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TED675 View Post
    Ok... I always thought myself pretty literate regarding Filmation vs Mattel differences. But can someone explain to me what the distinct differences are between the Filmation power sword and the MOTUC sword? Feels duplicative if you ask me.
    Yeah, I've noticed this occasionally come up, and wondered the same thing. Just found (through a Google image search) this thread: I actually can see a slight difference now, but it honestly looks to be one of the closest to accurate portrayals of one of the primary toys Filmation ever had. There's no reason not to make it if there is this demand, but the concept of this being a noticeable difference that some people have actually wanted a representation of for decades is such an alien concept to me that I'm still adjusting to it.

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    This is the original Filmation weapons thread. Some moderator please merge it with the newly created one.
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    He-Man's Filmation Sword
    Skeletor's Filmation havok staff
    She-Ra's shield and other items it transformed to
    Various Hordak forms
    Various Imp forms
    Horn of Evil
    Sheath for He-Man's sword
    Filmation Trap Jaw attachments
    Staff of Avion

    Probably off-topic, but I'd like to see some Widgets and Twiggets with limited articulation, similar to how they did Cringer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jukka View Post
    She used the shield many times on the cartoon. It was one of the "Sword to--" transformations she could do with the Sword of Protection.
    this shield would be awesome.
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