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Thread: Granamyr Arrival Thread - Discussion, Assembly info, QC reports, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin View Post
    make it four! last update is fishers, 3:19 on the 21st. frustrating. definitely should have been here by now. hope our granamyrs are having fun together (and not breaking each other's tails and arms! lol.)
    At least I know my Granamyr is in good company! Hopefully these 4+ Granamyr's aren't sitting in some cold warehouse or truck for days on end! Going to try all the tutorials when assembling him and hopefully I won't have to send him back.

    Fishers, Indiana-gate continues:


    03:19 PM

    In transit

    Fishers,IN 46037


    02:00 PM

    Electronic Shipping Sent to USPS

    (So the USPS has a tracking number sent to them from FedEx, but when my post office looks up the number, it shows that FedEx is just sitting on this container in Fishers Indiana. I also discovered that FedEx in Fishers, Indiana didn't deliever into the Northeast Ohio region on the 23rd, 24th, and of course the 25th. Still doesn't explain the 22nd or the last four days including today though. My post office said this was very unusual so maybe our Granamyrs hijacked the truck and they're on a joy ride
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