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I don't disagree that a lot of this breakage could be because of people assembling him... but is that really mishandling? It's true that "operator error" can often be an issue. But in this case, they are just trying to put him together as instructed, right? The fact is, this should be engineered in such a way that you don't risk breaking the toy when just trying to put him together. Mattel can do that. They should be old pros at this sort of thing. There really is no way around it. Mine hasn't been sent out yet, but successfully putting a Mattel toy together should not involve heating pieces and applying pressure from both sides. We don't have a great idea of how widespread the issue is, but it's certainly not rare. There definitely seems to be an engineering or materials issue here, no matter what. Even if it only affects a relatively small portion of customers (something we may never truly know) it doesn't make it less of an issue.

My hope is that there are plenty of good ones out there, though. I plan to return it (and keep returning it until I get a good one) if I get a bad one. I do plan on taking every precaution, but it really should not be necessary to take these extra steps, and Mattel's internal safety and product standards would not allow such extra steps to be needed if this was working as it should.

Elegant post that you could cut and paste with many QC issues from Matty. This is what MOTUC collectors have to live with. Poor QC and customer service. It's too bad the toys are so awesome when not messed up, otherwise none of us would deal with any of this garbage. To the void with you 4-Horsemen!!