When I was finally able to track down and play the FASA Masters of the Universe RPG, it was so terribly written and mechanically dysfunctional that I was forced to write my own.

If anyone else is interested, I've supplied a link because it's too big to attach to the forum.


This is entirely just for fun and not at all for any gain or profit. The game is more of a story-game, where players emulate the structure of the TV show and the process of toy collecting. You play a child collecting toys and setting them against other child toy collectors. The reasoning is this - there are many great roleplaying games where you can be a barbarian with a blaster, but no great roleplaying games for emulating a Filmation cartoon. This is one.

Also, if you email me, I've got a booklet version for printing off on legal sheets of paper, and a separate pdf for character sheets. My email is TransformersRPG@gmail.com (a previous project.)

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