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Thread: Play With This Too Announces Serpents of the Coiled Table 3-Pack

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    Play With This Too Will have MOTU-classics compatible weapons, heads.

    Play With This Too, an upcoming Kickstarter-funded line of 6 inch sci-fantasy figures just announced one of their planned Kickstarter Stretch Goals:

    It's Play With This Toosday! Every Tuesday from now until our crowd funding campaign begins in February 2015, we'll do reveals over our social networks. For our first "Toosday" reveal, here are our Serpents of the Coiled Table 3-pack. This concept was developed by Lord Trent of the Troop-lands and designed by Sir Steve the Redinger and Sir Aaron of House Archer.

    "The Mysterious Serpents of the Coiled Table maintain order on their home-world of Aspalon. These fearsome cold-blooded warriors claim kinship with the snakes and serpent-men of all worlds and woe be to any man or machine that intervenes in their quests or, worse, goads them into battle.

    Serving the will of their lord, King Adder, are Sir Pythanore, a wise and cunning aide to the King, Sir Fangramore LeVenomous, powerful lashing warrior of unequaled strength and a host of eager young viper squires ready to test their mettle and earn their honor."

    Both Sir Pythanore and Sir Fangramore LeVenomous will be crowd funding exclusive characters. Additional Viper Squires will be available later on in different colors. The colors for the Viper Squire in this 3-pack will be exclusive to the set.
    The figures are designed with interchangeable parts for easy customization and the heads all work on the same ball-joint size that Mattel used on the MOTU Classics. The previously announced figures may be of interest to the MOTU-fandom as well (the Facebook page has a good rundown of these) especially Bloodbath and Desolataur.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am involved with the project. The Serpents of the Coiled Table are one of my contributions.

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    You have my attention.

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    PWTT also just showed off some of 3d printed weapon prototypes for their first figures, Desolataur and Bloodbath, with some MOTU classics and other figures:

    The bright orange parts are BMOGs, a 5mm weapon system that you can build into robot animals. Many PWTT characters will come with miniature robot partners that will have similar functionality and will be fully compatible with the BMOG build system, as seen here in this render:

    PWTT's Tumblr is here. Their Facebook page is here. Of special interest may be the "Head Shots" packs, which are going to be 3-packs of MOTU-classics compatible heads for customizing both PWTT figures and those that use the same ball-joint.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And here's Desolataur, naked, showing off the modular parts system.

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