View Poll Results: Favorite First Time Item of 2012

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  • Starla

    5 3.88%
  • Tallstar

    1 0.78%
  • Jewelstar

    1 0.78%
  • Glory Bird

    0 0%
  • Fearless Photog

    7 5.43%
  • Shadow Weaver

    45 34.88%
  • Draego-Man

    14 10.85%
  • The Mighty Spector

    1 0.78%
  • Horde Prime

    3 2.33%
  • Snake Man-At-Arms

    3 2.33%
  • Griffin

    2 1.55%
  • Vykron

    2 1.55%
  • Sir Laser-Lot

    0 0%
  • Snake Men 2-pack

    1 0.78%
  • Cy-Chop

    1 0.78%
  • Dekker

    1 0.78%
  • Eternos Palace King Randor

    4 3.10%
  • Castle Grayskullman

    11 8.53%
  • Temple of Darkness Sorceress

    2 1.55%
  • Procrustus

    2 1.55%
  • Granamyr

    23 17.83%
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Thread: Favorite First Time Item of 2012

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    Slave Girl for MOTUC! Jean's Avatar
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    Favorite First Time Item of 2012

    Another year has come and gone for MOTUC and 2012 saw a lot of first timers being immortalized in plastic.

    We had brand new characters, concept characters, prototype characters, never before seen variants of old favorites and long awaited fan favorites finally show up in the line.

    Out of all those that made it into plastic form for the first time, which was your favorite?
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    Warrior of Evolution 13977's Avatar
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    Has to be Shadow Weaver followed by Snake Men 2-pack.
    Now lets continue the first timers with like Eldor, Darius, Dactys, Calix, Scorpia, and Evilseed please
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    Heroic Warrior swind15's Avatar
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    Cy-Chop, followed by Draego Man, and Fearless Photog.

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    Got Filmation? shadowfall1976's Avatar
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    A Damn Mitten....
    I know Granamyr looks cool, and I don't have him yet....not even a notice....but I have to go with Draego....

    I buy what I like, if I don't like it, it stays right where it belongs....far away from my collection....and I own or will own with Granny, only 8 off that list....

    Shadow Weaver, Draego, CGm, Randor, Granamyr, Sorceress, Horde Prime & SMAA. I would like to get Griffin....

    I would only own Starla if the Star Sisters were individual figures....the rest of the figures from the list I didn't mention, to me....are just bad or unimpressive....
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    Clown Prince of Darkness Benedict Judas Hel's Avatar
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    I'm going to say Draego Man...
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jul 2009
    1. Dekker
    The Master of Arms must truly be a samurai/pirate/jedi being his "surprise" factor wins him all the awards from me. That and he's the element that rounds out the main crew of Masters that I didn't know I always needed.

    2. 200X Duncan (SMAA)
    Great update to the main co-protagonist of the series. I love the "new" armor, and the great colors. But if we never got him, we'd still have regular MAA...

    3. Castle Grayskullman
    The brand newest concept, the only reason he doesn't take 1st place is he's a very special occasion/circumstance kind of character.

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    Hungry for Hunga! Scorpia's Avatar
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    Feb 2000
    Shadow Weaver, just. I do love Starla.
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    In disguise! Barbecue17's Avatar
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    Castle Grayskullman.
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    Heroic Warrior MC Modulok's Avatar
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    Procrustus. Toy of the year. Imagine how awesome it would have been for us as kids if he'd been released at the same time as the minicomic, towering over our five-inch figures. Drago-Man was also surprisingly great.

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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    Fearless Photog! I love this guy and to finally have Mattel make good on their long-ago promise was a high point in the MOTUC line for me. This was another great year though, and every item brought a smile to my face!
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    Heroic Warrior rankinman's Avatar
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    I have to say Eternos Palace King Randor as well, I've always wanted this version and now the royal family is complete.
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    Heroic Warrior evenflow's Avatar
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    Shadow Weaver because i wanted for so long, but Draego-Man is awesome.
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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    Hard list of characters to choose just one! I'll say Granamyr for me.
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    Vintage Vintage Vintage Vlcan's Avatar
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    Shadow Weaver....been waiting for 30 yrs on this one. Granamyr would be second. The rest were unnecessary to make.

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    was hard now i got her but i have to remember shadow weaver was my most wanted unlikely toy. so her.

    but tallstar was right up there along with photog cy chop sir lazerlot ad horde prime not to mention vykron

    basically im always excited by firsts

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    Evil & armed for combat TJRules's Avatar
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    Definitely Draego-Man. Could've easily gone with Griffin, though.
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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    so many in 2012.
    I long awaited the snake men army builder since I was a kid. the griffin was amazing. the 30th figures were good to have in the line as something completely new. I absolutely love Photog! Horde Prime was a nice surprise. Procrustus & Granamyr are a nice addition & a dream come true. what an amazing year. Vycrom, Star Sisters & SM@A too.
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    Casual Fan slackrguy's Avatar
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    It is weird because I never had any strong love for Starla as a prototype vintage toy or even her prototype MOTUC figure when it was revealed in 2011. However, she's kind of a sleeper hit for me. Maybe becaue her colors catch my eye more than the others, I dunno.

    Procrustus was my #2.
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    Heroic Warrior Slave2Evil_Lyn's Avatar
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    Nothing could beat Shadow Weaver. She has been long over due.
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