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Thread: Should old figures be sold at the new, higher price points?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kowl View Post
    I'm pretty sure the rising cost on the evergreen figures is meant to help offset the storage costs for having these figures unsold at the DR warehouse.
    I agree and fully believe it is to offset the cost of storage,etc. It is the only reason that makes any sort of sense. However, It still doesn't make much sense unless the evergreen figure almost never had any sales except as add on purchases on sale days.
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    Transferring the cost of storage to customers is ludicrous. If anything, they should be dropping the prices because they haven't sold.

    Can you imagine a department store with excess inventory jacking the price on the junk they couldn't get rid of? It defies logic!

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    If you look at this from a business stand point it makes sense to charge the new price for all figures. Not only does it take away the hassle of individualy pricing figures, but it also makes the new cost structures spread out over all the inventory. If warehousing and transportation costs went up then why would you only place that cost on new figures. There may be even an increase on the production costs of new figures, but it still wouldn't make sense to not pass along those costs to old inventory also.

    I work for Coca-Cola and when we raise the cost of our product we don't just raise the price on what we are producing in the future. All the products we have already ran and we have in our warehouse also gets adjusted to the new price. I realize it is a different business and a Coke is a Coke no matter when it is produced, but the logic is similar to a business.

    Another way to look at it is to compare it to Netflix. If Netflix is going to have to pay more for new content and also prices are rising to run servers then are they going to only start charging you more for any new movie or show they add to the catalogue or will all titles be included in the new cost structure?

    Not only would it make people say why I am paying nearly $30 for a new figure when these other figures are still closer to $20, but it also adds a lot of complexity to analyzing your profits and costs.

    Sorry - had to chime in because I work as an analyst for Coca-Cola and I study things like this for them all day long. Consumer logic is rarely thought about. Only money logic.
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    It is us true die hard fans of this line and anything MOTU related.that is createing this demand clamoring and raveing about these toys. and wanting them so badly.we are causeing the vallue to increase,supply and demand the more something is desired the more its vallued. so the supply has to meet the demand thus the higher price point

    Some people in Mattell corporate must have seen what they are going for on ebay and such and thus vallue and demand im sure they're really fumeing mad there toys are being sold elsewhere.God forbid there profit margins should suffer.

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    If it is to offset the cost of storage, okay I get it. But in the short term with the price increase and then add in shipping, in cases it could actually be cheaper to buy from BBTS or Amazon sellers than Matty.

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