1. Most Impressive Heroic Warrior - THUNDER-PUNCH HE-MAN
Best boots and head of any He-Man so far.

2. Most Impressive Evil Warrior - DRAEGO MAN
New character that actually fits MOTU and adds something new to the mix.

3. Most Impressive Female Figure - TEMPLE OF DARKNESS SORCERESS
Her face deco as well as overall subtle deco really let the Horesmen's sculpt shine. Furry boots make her better fit the barbarian fantasy.

4. Most Impressive Male Figure - FISTO
From the subtle touch of the bulging bicep to the fantastic face and metal fist sculpt, he stands as an excellent example for all the heroic warrior figures.

5. Most Impressive Accessory (weapon,armor etc) - GREAT UNREST WEAPONS PAK
It's a nice balance of what we wanted and unique things to inspire us...except for the Clawful mace.

6. Most Impressive Beast/Giant - PROCRUSTUS
The sculpt is a perfect blending of hard and soft to bring his rocky form to life. The deco is simple but very effective.

7. Most Disappointing Male - ETERNOS PALACE KING RANDOR
A wasted slot in my opinion. We already have a Randor and I never wanted a puffy sleeved, pajama and pointy elf shoes wearing slacker version of the King.

8. Most Disappointing Female - GLORY BIRD (I'm assuming Glory Bird is a female but who knows.)
All the standard female figures...yes, even the Star Sisters, had good things about them. I can't complain about any of them.

9. Best supporting Media/third party Item (Comics,Game,Statues,funko etc) - He-Man for iOS
Simple and fun game that is enjoyable for old fans and new ones. The She-Ra update and promise of even more content just keeps making it better.

10. Most Anticipated of the revealed 2013 line. - RAM MAN
He's everything I wanted in a Ram Man figure; big, stocky, squinty-eyed, and more.

11. Biggest Disappointment of 2012 - DRAGON BLASTER SKELETOR
Black plastic + bad face deco + bad dragon head sculpt. I was really hoping I could finally make a vintage styled Skeletor with this buck but I'm not going to because of the black plastic.

12. Most underrated figure of 2012 - CY-CHOP
Yes, he's crazy looking but crazy in a good way. I can see a vintage version of him coming out back in the day about the same time Sy Clone came out.

13. Best Figure of 2012 - CASTLE GRAYSKULLMAN
He has the swords from the flag, and armor and shield details from the jaw bridge. He looks like he came from the 80's with his Hulk Hogan-like hair. He was made by a fan who loves MOTU so much he made videos for him that are hilarious. His story adds to the mythos in a positive way...well, except for that Stratos death nonsense.