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Thread: What's the worst movie you saw in theaters in 2012?

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    Eck, I got in a few more movies before the end of 2012, and Parental Guidance may have unseated Snow White for worst of the year. How the mighty comedian stars have fallen! I'd also forgotten Hope Springs. Both it and PG were really boring, unfunny, and very unconvincing about why the rifts in the families got started. I guess in trying to both indict and validate "modern parenting methods" it kind of fails at both. And what really made Marisa Tomei so upset with her parents that just thinking of asking them to watch her kids--their only grandchildren--gave her a rash? If she's that insecure, she needs therapy, and I didn't think Middler and Crystal seemed to have done that bad a job with her. The movie literally tried to have its cake and eat it too (there's a cake eating scene that likens kids on sugar to sharks smelling blood). Also that red headed kid was an insufferable brat. I wanted those evil head-melting-mask people from Halloween 3 to get him.
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