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Thread: What's the worst movie you saw in theaters in 2012?

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    Eck, I got in a few more movies before the end of 2012, and Parental Guidance may have unseated Snow White for worst of the year. How the mighty comedian stars have fallen! I'd also forgotten Hope Springs. Both it and PG were really boring, unfunny, and very unconvincing about why the rifts in the families got started. I guess in trying to both indict and validate "modern parenting methods" it kind of fails at both. And what really made Marisa Tomei so upset with her parents that just thinking of asking them to watch her kids--their only grandchildren--gave her a rash? If she's that insecure, she needs therapy, and I didn't think Middler and Crystal seemed to have done that bad a job with her. The movie literally tried to have its cake and eat it too (there's a cake eating scene that likens kids on sugar to sharks smelling blood). Also that red headed kid was an insufferable brat. I wanted those evil head-melting-mask people from Halloween 3 to get him.
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    Dark Shadows was the worst by far. I can't believe I talking into seeing it.

    Prometheus wasn't bad but it was the most film I was disappointed in. I was expecting much more from Scott. I left the film thinking, "I should have waited for the DVD/BR release. It was full of so much useless dialogue.

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    Worst movie for me was the Dark Knight Rises. There were too many moments in the film where I was pulled out of it by something illogical, or something that seemed out of character, or even a theme that contradicted the earlier films. For a film to be considered worst, It has to be poorly constructed and that's how I describe this film. The story and screenplay were deeply flawed and the actors and crew made it look amazing and epic. But it really was very poorly made ultimately which makes it the worst for me. Just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonehead View Post
    Prometheus wasn't bad but it was the most film I was disappointed in. I was expecting much more from Scott. I left the film thinking, "I should have waited for the DVD/BR release. It was full of so much useless dialogue.
    None of the dialog was useless.
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    Ok, now I only watched one movie in theatre's last year so be statement of the title the movie is The Hobbit and Unexpected Journey by that.

    Now movies I watched that came out in 2012, a quick list
    Underworld 4
    Woman in Black
    The Lorax
    John Carter
    Hunger Games
    The Avengers
    Dark Shadows
    Snow White and Huntsmen
    Amazing Spider-man
    Dark Knight Rises

    (still want to watch MIB 3, Prometheus, Abraham Vampire Hunter, Total Recall, Frankenwienie, Wreck it Ralph, Rise of the Guardians)
    I also haven't seen any of the Daniel Craig Bond films and would like to just haven't yet.

    I will remove Haywire and Woman in Black because I would likely not have seen them in the theatre anyways. I mention this, most of the others I would have but me and the girlfriend right now live in different states so we wait till they come out on video rent/buy them and coordinate start times while we have msn up or something. Chronicle or Snow White, Chronicle would have been on the verge of not seeing in the theatre. I had problems with Amazing Spider-man, and even Dark Knight Rises but mostly they weren't film making issues, with my unwatched list I know those movies are showing up in worst of by people I could see them not being quite as bad as the others I watched, most likely in the realm of Amazing Spider-man but above say Dark Shadows.

    Dark Shadows was too paint by numbers for those involved, and beats out Snow White because of the stupid speech that Snow White gives towards the end of the movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Megalodon View Post
    Christian Bale was NOT a good choice for Batman he was the same character when he played Bruce Wayne & Batman when they were supposed to be different...(Especially the voice) bad....
    Actually, Bale did use different voices for each persona. Granted, Bale's voice was notoriously graveled, but at least it's distinguishable from his normal voice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Megalodon View Post
    DC really does not know how to do their comics characters justice compared to Marvel (You haters can hate and not want to admit it) but facts are facts:

    Green Lantern
    Jonah Hex
    Superman Returns
    New Batman Trilogy

    Iron Man I-II
    Captain America
    Incredible Hulk

    And others down the pike I love both Marvel & DC but DC just doesn't get it when it comes to their movie adaptations of their superhero movies because instead of panning out and doing other films of the FLash,Wonder Woman, etc they concentrate on SUperman & Batman ALWAYS....And Green Lantern they rushed made it feel forced they should take a cue what Marvel does.....
    Warner Bros. Animation seems to do a much better job utilizing the DC heroes than than Warner Bros. popper most of the time. Which is a mixed bag at best.

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