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Thread: Hordak Mantisaur - Commission

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    Hordak Mantisaur - Commission

    This is a commission for an 200X style Mantisauer and Hordak. Challenge here was the Mantis, i used reference images of real a Mantis (wich are some really awesome creatures) and some of the technical vehicles of the 200X line. I didn't want to overwork it... so i kept it simple with enough elements of the cool vintage toy.

    Hope you enjoy.

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    She looks amazing!

    I know technical it has never really been cleared if Mantisaur is female or male and since itīs a "boys" toy everyone assumes itīs a he but on earth the female mantis is the bigger and stronger one of them so...

    Any how.

    Your take on Mantisaur is great and the whole picture looks amazing. Hordak really looks menacing and iīm always amazed how well both of them look together. Vampires and insects do fit together, strange as it seems

    The toxic Frightzone is a nice touch and Mantenas ears are...well cute!

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    Sweet! I like both the illustration & the colors!
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    Scary!! I love this drawing!!!
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    WOW!!! JUST WOW!!

    STUNNING artwork!!

    I hope to see more of your work with MOTU!!!

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    Thank you guys, glad you like it.

    @ Niki
    Since it is a machine, at least i always took it as that, therefore to me Mantisaur is an "it".

    @ Replikor:
    There is and there will be more
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