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Thread: Memories of the Christmas Special

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    I was passing thru the threads and saw this and laughed out loud! Last night when I got home from work, I saw my dad knocked out on the sofa watching would you know... THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Coincidence? Too much, cause earlier during the day while at work I was listening to the Council of the First Ones podcast which was a Christmas episode! Believe that!
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    Who else thinks the Monstroids could take on the Transformers in a fight? and did you know Lana Beeson who voiced Elisha also voiced Twinkle in Filmation's Pinocchio and The Emperor of the Night?
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    Ahhhhhh, awesome memories! I love reading about everyone's experiences with the Christmas Special...... Great thread!

    My mom actually recorded it for me and my siblings, mostly because she knew I was crazy for He-Man (never missed an original airing of the show!) I didn't even know about it for some reason... maybe they didn't advertise it much?

    Anyway, I was in love from the day I first saw it. I never understood why it didn't get annual airings like Frosty or Rudolph... I watch it every year around Christmas as part of my MotU tradition!

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    I never saw on TV when it aired. It was early 2006 when I saw the DVD at a Suncoast store. After watching it, that's when I really got drawn into MOTU believe it or not.

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    I never saw it as a kid but I remember being told about it.

    Many years ago, either late 90's or just a little later, I saw a VHS at a thrift shop labeled "He-Man Christmas Special", obviously taped off of television. I picked it up since I hadn't seen it before. I start watching it and after about the first 30 seconds of the Christmas Special they had recorded over it with Homeward Bound.
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