I would not say 'great minds think alike', as I would not dare calling my own mind 'great'. But I should say 'some minds think alike' then. After seeing the gazillions unmade MOTU prototypes in the most splendid The Power and the Honor Foundation: Catalog Volume One it turned out that both fellow board member Tyke and myself were particularly drawn to the sketch of 'Rhino Man', also known as Custar in that catalog. The sketch is featured both black and white and in colors and we were working on the very same character at the very same time. But it turns out we both had a very different approach. Making it two very different figures. We decided to post 'em together in one thread, so here goes. Tyke's version of Custar is on the left side of the compilation, mine is on the right:

I'm sure Tyke will give the details on his version later on. Mine is (obviously) made by merging a toy rhino with Ram-Man. It makes for a pretty static figure, kinda like a Battlecat or a Panthor was just a static piece of plastic back in the 1980s. The arms still do move though. The weapon is partially a beat up lance from some vintage knight figure. The top end (ball with spikes) is sculpted as I could not find one in just the right size.

This project actually made me think of the 'group custom challenges' from back in the day. Maybe we should do one of those again for old times sake! Multiple forum members making either the same figure or all figures in the same theme. Anybody up for that?