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Thread: Fisto - Re-released ?

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    Fisto - Re-released ?

    Hello Gang,

    I missed Fisto during his big release and am really curious if Matty would re-release him. For me it makes no sense not to since they already spent all the money on the tooling and molds. Also the fact that he is in heavy demand in the secondary market. I hate to spend $40+ dollars on him to find him on sale on Cyber-Monday for $15.99. I been following the line since the beginning and I can't image anyone starting to collect the line and not be able to get him. I know in the past we had a discussion about this for He-man when he was commanding top dollar and then he become an essential character, being available everyday.


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    Every figure after man e faces only has one run of figures. Therefore fisto is totally gone. eBay or fellow orgers is the only way.
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    no, i'm affraid not. mattel doesn't seem to want truely market this line, otherwise you'd be able to walk into walmart and pick up an assortment of figures at $10-$15 each. people would actually know this line exists and kids might actually be interested and help to keep it alive. any casualy shopper who may not regularly buy toys, and maybe didn't even know about this line might actually be able to start collecting now... instead, if you you weren't in from the start, there isn't much sense in starting now, and since a lot of people who were in from the start have dropped out... it kinda limits the ammount of support this line could have, because there isn't much point in jumping on now.
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    Sadly Man-E-Faces was the first to get the no more re-issue because I know some figures no matter what Mattel says would sell if they did....Teela, Fisto, possibly Sorceress....especially if they did small runs. But third party sellers is the only way to go now....I don't know about Fisto, but I know Teela is demanding $60 - $80....if Fisto is as liked as everyone makes out....I'm sure he's up there too.
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    I got in mid 2011 and picked up all the previous figures on eBay and then was utterly disappointed to see most of them on the cyber Monday sale at reduced prices. I did sub up though and agree that the line will die soon because it is just too expensive for someone to start now and try to pick up the old figures at their crazy mark up prices on eBay - $70 for teela when she was $20 a year ago Black Friday is just silly.
    Re-issues are really needed for those characters and I hope the movie will make this feasible.

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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    Mattel will not rerelease Fisto because they don't like to make money. They will whine and moan that a figure doesn't sell well, or that a figure costs too much to produce, but then they have a specific few figures that would make them money, and they would rather not do so.

    Honestly though, you shouldn't have any trouble finding one online. I could barely sell off the MOC one I had for $40 a few months ago.
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Fisto was a bit of a mystery actually...he was made, and a lot of people were getting a sorceress inside a "FISTO" box. What happened to all the FISTO figures that were supposed to be in those boxes? They never showed up in a different box as a packaging mix up...they had to go somewhere...???

    I would think that Mattel does juggle the numbers a bit when they produce each figure...there is no way they order the same quantity of a FISTO or MAN-E-Faces as they would a Dekker. That would be inventory suicide. I think there have been some surprises about sales of figures, that Mattel didn't see coming - some like CGM selling REALLY well, and not having quite enough, and some like KING RANDOR of Eternos lasting a whole lot longer.

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    Part of me wishes Mattel had a 'Pay for Play' sort of setup when it comes to these figures. i.e. you pay for it first, then they make it and ship it to you, but you pay a small premium. This is not practical though, especially in a factory-production model. They would never start just producing individual pieces at a Chinese sweatshop, it's all about bulk orders and mass production.

    However, maybe Mattel should have a goal such as with Castle Grayskull...if enough people pre-order the figure, it gets re-issued?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Mattel will not rerelease Fisto because they don't like to make money. They will whine and moan that a figure doesn't sell well, or that a figure costs too much to produce, but then they have a specific few figures that would make them money, and they would rather not do so.

    Honestly though, you shouldn't have any trouble finding one online. I could barely sell off the MOC one I had for $40 a few months ago.
    Mattel doesn't like to make money from a few very loud fans. It's like going back into production and making 5000 more Fisto figures when there are only 750 fans who really need one. This is why I keep questioning why Mattel doesn't advertise the line better and promote it to the outside world. Any line needs new blood to keep the line vital. Classics is pretty much running with the same fans who were here since 2008 (and some newer fans who discovered the line). Those new fans would purchase the older characters that everyone who has been collecting the line already has.

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    Mattel is in an odd place for many of us, but that shouldn't be read most of us. It is hard to get into this line at this point because the limited number of figures originally made. But that number isn't staggering to those who are still around and don't need extras of those figures, as witnessed by the Merman and Stratos freebies. And I have feeling the reason the market place isn't exactly flooded with them is, because of the devaluing that would go on with so many up at one time.

    Sometimes the cost of figures isn't because they are that in demand, it's just some of those who want it are willing to pay whatever they can to get said item. I am one of those who would love to pick up a Teela, especially since she is the only figure I must have for my collection. Merman and Man-arms would be nice, as would be Beastman but not something I am hunting down (especially Beastman who isn't cheap either). I might actually pick up the Fighting Foe Men myself, I like two-thirds of the figures and think they would go well with Zodac, regardless of what the back of their cards say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Mattel will not rerelease Fisto because they don't like to make money.
    It's not often that I agree with your snark Dr. Kain (you know I love ya), but in this case you make a really awesome point. I can completely understand not going back to the factory for more copies of figures that took days and days to sell out, but what about the more popular figures like the aforementioned Fisto? I suppose the major reason against this is that Mattel has most likely been burned before, thinking a figure would sell through excellently on a second run only to find out after the fact that supply superseded demand. Typical of fans to cry wolf over a figure they supposedly promise to support when it's back only to fail because voices were louder than numerous. As a business Mattel simply can't function on handshake promises and who can blame them. Fans are fickle and in some cases simply don't come out to support the things they say they will. Probably a major reason why subs and pre-orders are all the rage with them lately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Dad View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Vikor View Post
    I have 2 Fistos already. I don't want him packed in with Stridor. That's a deal breaker for me.
    Really?! I have a Fisto already, but if they packed him in with Stridor I wouldn't complain! I don't see that ever happening of course! Maybe a pre-accident Fisto.......
    I'm hoping we get the Battle Ram before Stridor but this is a good solution for newer fans. To make this a compromise, perhaps this Fisto could be slightly different. (ie: Fix his armor so that it doesn't have the giant sword slot in the back, only one head, etc.)
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