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I wish we could make this line work or every individual collectors needs but alas it just isn't so. We tried two years of second runs and none of them performed well enough to keep this going. While there are some vocal fans online asking for certain figures to be rereleased, in reality when we actually offer second runs they don't sell well enough to justify the production. There just aren't enough customers to support second runs. It is math, not a lack of "wanting to make money" or please fans.
But what about Teela? There's no math to support fixing her minor problems (bobble head from a neckhole that's too shallow and her stiff leotard--both problems fixed for Evil-Lyn) and reissuing her? She's kind of a big one to not offer again, and I know lots of people would rather get one with those corrections rather than one of the overpriced and bobble-headed ones on the secondary market. I'd buy her again and extras for gifts too.