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You miss the point....(I love it how people quote someone but instead of arguing the point) they keep beating us over the head with what is written because they don't want to deviate from the same old same old...When this line started Mattel was going to increase production to meet demand now they are limiting the product even though demand is their and don't give me that BS about the numbers from a sub because ALOT of people buy on day of and if adequate stock was available they would sell more...really

They are just too scared to pull the trigger because of the influx of Vintage figures and 2002 Smash Blade He-Man's & Spin Blade Skeletor's were out there in their time that flooded the market you mean to tell me that someone doesn't have enough brains to figure out how to up production without going overboard??? I find that hard to believe these guys get paid good money to figure this out..(People keep forgetting about this part)
Castle Greyskull was a pre-order and it got thru to it being made next year now saying that if Mattel (By those pre-order numbers) gets orders for 500 CG just from that alone that's all they are going to make???

No that doesn't make any sense if they order 500 make a little more for defects (Which we know are going to happen) and some extra stock for the matty site..Funny thing is that you spend all of this money on making the molds, paying the 4H to sculpt it,packaging expense etc. and you only make one run of that??? If your going to do a one and done you should have made this known in 2008 not 2012-13 and on...They want them to sell out in 1-2 hours and if it's up for 6-7 days my god it's a failure!!! (Even though all of those figurers sold out too) it's an excuse and I would be ****** off at Mattel if I had a sub because if this is the case then alot of people are going to get screwed down the line when this happens again....
Is the demand really there? Sub sales were down, multiple purchases of subs and CG were made by customers just to safeguard they would go through. Beside the few sub holders that were screwed out of Fisto I don't think the demand is increasing but decreasing, which is why Matty is pulling the draconian sub tactics. With vintage figs almost done the line will lose a lot a cherry pickers(me being one of them) the base is shrinking. Matty knows this and knows that a Fisto reissue will end with them holding a lot of unsold stock. It happened with past reissue sand DC universe wave 5 with failed to sell out despite "everybody needing them". What we have here is a very small number of people who don't want to pay secondary prices because they are late to the game or didn't sub(sub holders who got screwed are excused).