Ok, so I got my daughter Swift Wind, She-Ra and Bubble Power She-Ra for Christmas and she was super excited. When I went to swap heads to make She-Ra 2.0, BP She-Ra's head popped of no problem and went on to regular's buck no problem with the little snap or pop to let me know that it was secure. When I went to put the filmation She-Ra's head onto the BP buck, it WOULDN'T click into place AT ALL, no matter how much pressure I put on it. Not wanting to break figure, I heated the head up a little with hair dryer and voila! Filmation head now fits on, but with no click or pop to let me know that it snapped into place. It stays on nicely if she were going to be displayed, but my daughter wants to play! This Filmation head will not stay on securely at all. The other original She-Ra head with the mask snaps into place, but this one won't. Is there anything I can do to fix the Filmation head or do I have to hope that someone will sell me a new one cheaply at the marketplace?