I think this might be my first or second post...lol...I wanted to give a shout out to BEASTOR and Thorns02. Last year I gave my son all of my old he-man stuff and he has been getting really into it. I seem to have forgotten all the names and I must have been a very destructive kid cuzz alot of things were missing or broken.

I found this site a month ago trying to get parts for my Castle grayskull that I gave my son.
this is what we started with

after working with thorns02 and beastor this what my so got on Christmas morning! He was super excited and said it top the list as best gifts!!!!!!

Him playing

I think I'm still missing a few things but his birthday is in Feb., so I have some time to hunt things down.

again I wanted to thank them and this board! I believe things like this are what make this site great