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Thread: WANT TO BUY: 200X MOTU figures!!!

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    WANT TO BUY: 200X MOTU figures!!!

    I am looking to purchase a bunch of the 200X MOTU figures. I know a lot of people are dumping their 200X collection, BUT I am just getting started (after my wife purchased me a few for Christmas). I live in the USA and can pay via PayPal.

    PLEASE send me a PM if you have several of these figures that you want to sell at a decent price. In your PM, be sure to let me know which MOC 200X red card figures you have AND how much you want for them. Thanks!!

    My guidelines:
    ~I am ONLY interested in MOC (NOT loose) figures. Card/ Bubble don't have to be perfect, but good enough to display MOC.
    ~I am ONLY interested in the RED cards (NONE of the green MOTU vs Snake Men carded figures)
    ~I am NOT interested in having a ton of variants, but might be interested in a few (i.e. Ice Armor He-Man, etc.)
    ~I prefer to purchase as many as possible from the same person to save on shipping.

    ~Beast Man (regular or repaint variant)
    ~Fire-Armor Skeletor
    ~Ice-Armor He-Man
    ~Man-E-Faces (regular ONLY)
    ~Mekaneck (regular ONLY)
    ~Mer-Man (regular or repaint variant)
    ~Prince Adam
    ~Skeletor (regular ONLY)
    ~Stratos (regular ONLY)
    ~Sy-Klone (regular ONLY)
    ~Tri-Klops (regular ONLY)
    ~Two-Bad (regular ONLY)
    ~Whiplash (regular or repaint variant)
    ~ZodaK (green or red card)

    - - - Updated - - -

    UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that sent PM's. I have been able to purchase all of the figures I originally wanted (and more) from member will walters!!! Thanks!
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