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Thread: Last chance to lock in Presale benefits on Castle Grayskull

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    Last chance to lock in Presale benefits on Castle Grayskull

    Hey! Happy holidays all! Hope everyone is enjoying some wonderful time with their loved ones and quality time with their toys collection. I got my hands on some early 2013 product right before break and let me just tell you, King He-Man is my new favorite figure in the line. He is just so much fun. Old man with sword kick you're butt good! Seriously. 2013 is going to be an amazing MOTUC year!

    Ok, I digress...

    As we wrap up the year what I wanted to post about was one last shout out on the Castle Grayskull preorder. While we hit our min back in Nov., you only have until Jan 3 to lock in Presale benefits such as:

    -$250.00 price point. The castle will only go up from here for any future presale deadlines or day of sales. Expect significant price increases if you do not preorder. Likely around $300.00 for day of sales.

    -Only presale customers will get the exclusive cross sell poster. We started some early work on it. In addition to using the current look of the back panel cross sell and photos, we are going to position all of the figures in roughly chronological order in the MOTUC Cannon. We'll also throw in some call out for significant events (like the Great Unrest or the Battle of Grayskull Fields) to help make the poster also a time line of events as well. Really think this is going to come out cool!

    -Only presale customers will get to participate in the box art character selection poll. We'll be emailing all presale customers later in Q1 next year with codes to let them vote for 5 good guys and 5 bad guys to be attacking/protecting the Castle.

    Thanks to everyone for supporting the presale to date~! We are going forward and it is because of you. The fans did this one. I just want to make sure everyone is clear on what expires on Jan 3 in case anyone is still on the fence on this one.

    Oh, and since I know everyone likes updates, Granamyr is going awesome. He is still in stock but looks to be on the way to selling out. We're getting the final shipment in so all orders should now be going out as the come in. Thanks for supporting this one! And no, no word right now on a green repaint. If you are passing on the current one to wait for a repaint, that really isn't in the cards. He is selling out, but not at the rate that would justify a redeco due to the high price point and low quota. This is pretty much THE Granamyr we'll be making right now.

    Okay enough for now. It's been a great 2012 and as I mentioned above, 2013 just has so much goodness. Just on the horizon are such awesome figs as Ram Man, Jitsu and Snakeface. Lots more surprises in store. Your support keeps this going!

    Happy holidays again and see you all on the forums next year!~

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