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I would be happy to provide pics.




It may be a little difficult to see since the tape is clear, but basically Matty used two separate decals for the top half and two separate decals for the bottom half of the Hoverboard and joined them together with scotch tape. Scott claimed in a response on the Matty website that tape was not apart of the product and may have been apart of the packing material, but if you look at the pics you can see that this is untrue because the tape goes under the magnet piece on the bottom of the board. Here's a link to Scott's post below in case he tries to dispute anything I've said.


And a quote in case the thread disappears which has been known to happen.

This is what we are being asked to pay top dollar for on a blind pre-order. Yes, you can get your money refunded, but what's the point in buying it in the first place?
Wow. That is absolutely disgusting. Scott should feel ashamed about that. Absolutely disgraceful.