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Thread: Custom idea for your extra Stratos

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    Custom idea for your extra Stratos

    Sorry, the title should say *Easy* custom idea...

    So I recieved a Stratos as compensation for the Frosta gift, and I did some looking for a way to use him as a new figure and I came up with something that I think is pretty neat. I fixed his fixed wings, and added the Vikron flight pack, and a Palace guards head, to make an Avion Rocket Guard figure for the palace Guard ranks. Since I had two Vikron's thanks to the recent sale price, I decided to take the extra flight pack and gear and place it on a palace Guard buck to also make a human RG. Now I have two, just like that. They look quite nice, and I thought I'd share in case anyone else wanted to do the same.

    With flash

    With out flash
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