Reading about how some feel that the upcoming years may be too restrictive for a new collector to jump into MOTUC, it made me wonder: What was the best time to collect MOTUC?

I started my collection at the end of 2011/January 2012 and I feel like it was the best time to jump in. It was an innocent start; I just wanted He-Man and Skeletor...Then decided, "Lemme get the Original Eight too"...Then thought, "Well, I can't forget Evil Lyn and Trap Jaw"...Then realized, "I always wanted Faker and the Battle Armored figures"...And, well, you can guess how the rest goes, heheh!

But would it be hard for me to backtrack and catch up in 2012?

Actually, it wasn't so bad for me. Most older figures were still in the $30 range on eBay, a few strategic lots gave me some nice deals, Matty's monthly re-releases worked in my favor, I got everything this year from DOS without hassles, TRU still had most of the 2-Packs on the shelves, and a couple of fellow collectors here were very helpful with the trickier pieces. Of course, there were a couple of duds here and there (I still kick myself for spending $55 on He-Man about a month before he became part of the Essentials!) but overall, everything was readily available to me during the year. A few figures, like Teela, Orko/Prince Adam, and Wun-Dar, cost me extra but even they were less than double the Matty price when I got them. And just when I thought there'd be a couple of missing pieces in my collection, I lucked out and got Shadow Weaver for my birthday and BA Faker for Christmas. Finally, I finished off this year by ordering the last three figures that I put off until the end...Yes, I broke down and bought Mo-Larr!

So, in the next couple of weeks, I'll be caught up with my MOTUC collection and looking forward to my first subscription. I consider myself very fortunate to have such a nice collection and I enjoy looking at them on my display area. I read that the early years of MOTUC were stressful to many with fast sell-outs, ridiculous WSOD, and sick secondary market prices...So was this a good time to jump in or were there better years?