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    The Mighty Spector Expanded Bio

    MOTU Mighty Spector by ~CJEdwardsArt on deviantART

    After countless failed attempts at bypassing the awesome mystical defenses of Castle Grayskull, Skeletor concentrated his efforts on the Palace of Eternia, mounting a massive offensive. Together with the technological genius of Tri-Klops, he had created a powerful gamma canon, to puncture a hole in the defensive walls of the palace. Combining this monstrous new weapon with a well-organized attack, the dark sorcerer's victory was certain. In a foolish attempt to halt the awesome power of his arch nemesis Skeletor's ultimate creation, He-Man positioned himself between the energy onslaught and the ivory walls of the palace, only to be blasted across the landscape and stripped of his power.

    In his final desperate moments, Randor confronted the Overlord of evil in the royal throne room, where Skeletor opened a portal to Despondos, banishing the good king forever. Arriving too late to save his father, Adam was broken, and unable to summon the power of Grayskull. It did not take the Overlord of Evil and his vicious horde minions long to seize his rightful throne and dismantle the Eternian Palace Guards, banishing or eliminating anyone he viewed as a threat, and imprisoning the Royal family. A small band of the royal elite under the lead of Lt. Spector, planned a surgical strike to free Marlena, Adam and the remaining Defenders who had not fallen in battle.

    During the attack, Lt. Spector was cut off from the rest of the Masters of the Universe. Though he successfully disabled the gamma canon, the devices' massive power core was damaged during a fight with Trap-Jaw, and the discharge resulted in a temporal field which created a time portal in which Spector was flung, casting him far into Eternia's future. Fortunately for everyone in Eternia, the combined magic of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn were able to seal the collapse before it could expand and cause even more disruption. Unfortunately for Spector, it came with the loss of his entire squadron, a cruel fact unbeknownst to him for some time. Skeletor was undoubtably victorious.

    In this new future time, he served King He-Man as Captain of his guard. Due to his unfailing loyalty to the royal family, and knowledge of the alternate time stream, he was bestowed a special Vortex suit, reverse-engineered from the Cosmic Key, and given the title of Eternian's time enforcer. Using its amazing power, Spector could now travel through time, and returned to restore the past, aiding Prince Adam in defeating Skeletor. A mystical spell cast prior to his journey back to that fateful day, allowed him to exist out of time, and prevented the success of his heroic mission from undoing own existence. Now fighting for the Royal Family as their time agent, he ensures peace throughout Eternia’s fluid history, and helps to maintain the balance of power in the Universe on the side of good.

    During his career as a royal guardsman, Spector became an ace Sky Sled pilot in the 30th Eternian Air Infantry, and was an aeronautics guru, often referred to as the 'Ace of Spades' by the officers in his squadron. He decided to adopt the spade symbol as a reminder of his fallen comrades, lost in the battle with Skeletor. Though he possesses such power, he has to exercise extreme caution when altering the time streams, as even the slightest error could result in the most undesired of outcomes, and unravel the fabric of the universe. Much to his regret, these good men, his friends, must remain lost in time. It is a weight he alone must bear.

    Lt. Spector is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and marksman. Combining this with his fantastic arsenal, and Vortex suit, Spector is ubiquitous in battle, excelling in confusing his enemies as he blinks through the time stream, disorienting even the most powerful of foe before they can land a single blow. Spector employs a deadly plasma blade, capable of cutting through virtually any substance. The flash of his proud symbol on his bold bandolier is the last thing his enemies see before they suffer a quick defeat by Eternia's one and only, Mighty Spector.
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