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Thread: MOTUC Cephas aka the Falconer, and others

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    MOTUC Cephas aka the Falconer, and others

    Bio: Cephas aka Falconer. Ancestor of the current Man-at-arms Duncan, and his brother Malcom, aka Fisto. Cephas is the last of the practicing falconers. Thought to be inhumane, the practice is not outlawed, but it is looked down upon and thought of as barbaric, due to the practice of stealing a young falcon from it's nest, and also that of keeping it blindfolded until a hunt. Cephas however, rescued a mother and her nest from rival falcons, (or some other such cliched story) and now the falcon, named ______, is not only endeared to him, but she also raises falcons that are reliant and freindly toward humans. Cephas had the great sword forged of a special, and rare material, that is very strong, but also lighter than any other metal. Cephas' sword, headgear and belt were later discovered by Duncan, and given to Malcom as a gift. Sure, why not.

    I feel like it's just not finished yet. I can't figure out what to do to make him feel complete. : /

    Malcom and Duncan's ancestor Cephas: aka Falconer. -

    Powers of Greyskull display -

    Other Customs and mixed and matches:

    Bullet Head and Kaligar Horde members (need a couple of Horde armbands) -

    Rocket Guards -

    Mer-minion WIP 01 -

    Mer-minion WIP 02 -

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