My redesigned King Grayskull, inspired by elements from the Vintage line, with several features of MYP design (loose ponytails and cape) so that he would still be recognizable.
I decided to combine design elements of the castle Grayskull, He-Man and She-Ra figures and a few characteristic details of the MYP design.

I used Grayskull coat of arms which is present at the door of the castle. This coat of arms shows helmet with three horns on the place where crown should be, so that must the crown of King Grayskull

Since his helmet represents a crown, I painted it in gold, while horns are painted in the color of the castle. The helmet have a symbol of the skull framed by pair of wings as found on the coat of arms, and it is interesting that She-Ra's tiara is also in shape of wings, framing her face in the same way.

Because I used He-Man's head as a base, eyes and eyebrows are painted in colors like those of She-Ra.

Instead of the chain across the chest I will probably put a silver harness of Yugoslavian bootleg He-Man in the same color of YU ax which he already has, and of course, the sword in the same manner, when I get them.

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