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Thread: What do you expect for MOTUC in 2016?

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    What do you expect for MOTUC in 2016?

    well, the title says it all...after SCott departure, whats the future for Classics in your opinion?

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    Honestly despite preliminary planning I doubt we will see any more motuc after the final December 2015 figure. I just don't see mattel pushing for it
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    I think without Scott we will see very few if any MOTUC for 2016... It will be a sad year indeed.
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    I hope it's over. I'm satisfied with the collection....and with rising costs, it will be nice having that extra cash.
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    Maybe a SDCC exclusive? That's about the best I'm hoping for at the moment. Although, even if there was a SDCC exclusive, I doubt it would be available online (to US and international fans) after the show.

    Once MOTUC is completed, I don't see any need for Mattel to keep up and running (unless it simply sits there with full priced "essentials" like random A-List variants, Castle Grayskull and the Wind Raider).

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    Nothing. I expect we will see a new line if anything at all.

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    sdcc release. Maybe 4 quarterly figures. A sub won't go through sadly, and with TG gone, I just don't see it going much farther
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    Quote Originally Posted by JSteele View Post
    sdcc release. Maybe 4 quarterly figures. A sub won't go through sadly, and with TG gone, I just don't see it going much farther
    Tier 2 subs provide dollars for a lot of tooling. If there is a sub for 2016, there is no reason to assume it would be as tooling heavy as the last two years... there are a ton of figures that could be done with minimal tooling and would only require Tier 1 numbers. I doubt they would just "give up", so I'd suspect a two tiered sub drive. The problem is what they would put in it... a few key 2.0's, a few filmation characters, maybe a new character based on the create-a-character, etc. I think we stand a chance for something like this for 2016, 2017 would be much harder

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    Honestly, not to be a downer, but I expect MOTUC to go the way of DCUC. I think we may see a few figures shown at SDCC in 2015, assuming another sub, but I don't think the numbers will be there, so whatever is shown at SDCC will be released over the course of 2016 and that'll be it.

    Just my gut feeling at this point.
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    MOTU is long from dead. They've just got the minis and giants going. I doubt these are huge sellers. They are going to keep the 6 inch scale going to keep the current customers. Classics is going to get rebranded as they were planning. Same scale, limited releases compared to past years.

    The future past 2016 will depend on how it sells.

    Hopefully the new brand manager will be gung ho and push it like ToyGuru did in years past. And lets be honest. Who wouldn't be? Someone is being handed the keys to a new line year one that has already been developed. If it sells well, it's full steam ahead. And the gates are wide open now for character selection.

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    Honestly nothing. I doubt we'll get anything in 2016 at all. Mattycollector will be dead come January 2016.

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    Maybe a smaller line with new dc comic designs.
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    I expect them to try a "tiered" sub model for MOTUC like they did for the last year of DCUC. From what I understand, 2015 was automatically "tier 2," which may be a bit ambitious. I think we can hit tier 1 in 2016, but tier 2 would be a stretch, unless they come up with something amazing.
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    I don't think we will see anything...

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    So much hope and excitement.
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    i think 2015 is the end of the line. not expecting to see anything in 2016.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haephestus View Post
    Maybe a SDCC exclusive? That's about the best I'm hoping for at the moment. Although, even if there was a SDCC exclusive, I doubt it would be available online (to US and international fans) after the show.

    Once MOTUC is completed, I don't see any need for Mattel to keep up and running (unless it simply sits there with full priced "essentials" like random A-List variants, Castle Grayskull and the Wind Raider).
    Depends on how well Real Ghostbusters does as this has been teased at being a new line in mid 2015, but yeah if rgb fails I'd have to agree that matty will go into the sunset with classics.
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    2016 will not happen at all!!!

    What they can do is to re-lease some of the A lister figures, like Beast Man, Teela, Fisto, Shadow Weavor, etc.
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    2015 isn't the end.

    All the gloom and doom is funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    2015 isn't the end.

    All the gloom and doom is funny.
    A little bit of optimism at last!

    I'm hoping for a MOTU Signature sub of sorts. Hopefully, the figures will be compatible with the Classics line.

    They could make a sub with 8 figures a year and a few extra items (beasts, dioramas...)

    Provided we get a 200x mini sub in 2015, I'm hoping for a signature line in 2016 with several remaining characters or beasts (Granita, Hunga, Darius, Vultak, Crita, Masque, Twiggets, Storm, Sagitar, Stridor...)
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    As much as I miss Scott. There is an entire team of people who work on MOTUC who are still employeed by Mattel. Scott himself said he left the "recipe" behind on how to handle 2016 and beyond and urges that it's the best formula for success. If they follow through with it is another story.
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    You guys are funny. There's no way the MOTU team at Mattel will go from a full sub in 2015, plus outside sub items, mini masters, (and possibly a mini sub and giants!) nothing at all, close up shop, and shut down mattycollector. Where would they offer Real Ghostbusters figures?

    I have no doubt MOTU will be available via Matty in 2016. Whatever form remains to be seen. I'd count on an attempt to continue 7" MOTUC-style figures in some fashion (Faction Themed Mini Sub/MOTU Signature/Son of He-Man/DC Comics style), likely a 6-12 figure sub, maybe some MOTUC Greatest Hits offered separately. If the sub doesn't go through we'll get whatever they show off at SDCC '15 offered quarterly or something.

    I'd also expect some kind of all-new MOTU product unlike anything we've yet seen. A Sword of Power Replica Role Play item? Sword of Protection or Havoc Staff? An attempt at new scales, new styles...3 3/4" figures? New 8-12" Hot Toys-style figures? An Artist Series of He-Man figures? All-new Princess of Power dolls? There are a lot of paths yet untraveled for MOTU.

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    Check the Mattycollector website.. there are 3 lines... MOTUC, DC and Ghostbusters but DC and GB are livin' on leftovers, cheap repaints and regurgitation....
    Without MOTUC there is no sense at all for Mattycollector.... so I'm lookin' forward to the SDCC 2016, I hope there will be great news about the MOTU world.
    There are so many characters that need the plastic form and there are so many characters that need a re-release.
    Scott is full of (campy) passion but he's just the manager, the core of this line is the 4 horsemen and not the design team or the manager!
    For example MOTUC just said bye bye to Ruben Martinez and we hadn't lost anythin'!
    There's life even after the change of the manager, there's life even after the 2015.
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    It will be interesting to see what they will do now.

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