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Thread: Netossa Preorder by Yodafreakmaster!! CHEAP!!!

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    Netossa Preorder by Yodafreakmaster!! CHEAP!!!

    Hey gang! It is time for me to begin unloading some figures that I purchased during my "Save MOTUC's 2013 Sub Drive".

    I'm looking to sell 2 Netossa figures. The cost will be $27 (same as day of on Matty) plus $6 shipping and handling for a total of $33. This is cheaper than you can snag her on the day of sale through Matty when all is said and done. It is also considerably cheaper than any online toy retailer or ebay reseller (other than me). I put up 25 of her on ebay due to lack on interest here on the marketplace

    Again, I'm not in this to get rich. I just really wanted to see the MOTUC's line continue, so I ordered up WAY more subs than I needed and hope to recoup my cost in 2013.

    My plan is to make shipment runs on Fridays, as needed, since Friday is my day off.

    I apologize to international collectors, but I will be sticking to domestic buyers for now. Basically, I'm new to selling anything and I want to "keep it simple" for my own sanity.

    I will be accepting payments through Paypal. Please PM me if you are interested!!! First come, first served on this great deal to secure your Netossa figure!!

    NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ABOUT OTHER 2013 MOTUC's FIGURES AT THIS TIME I want to see how this "preorder" does with Netossa first. The exception would be if someone was serious about taking on a full year subscription to get all of the figures. Thanks for your patience on that!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Check it out gang! I lowered my price even further!!!!!! Now, I will be taking a loss!!!!!!
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