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Thread: Granamyr assembly warning on the front page of .org needs customizers backing

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    Granamyr assembly warning on the front page of .org needs customizers backing

    Hello customizers of the .org. I have recently proposed an idea for assembling Granamyr in such a way that should provide less breakage, and I also provided a link given to me by another .org member with tips for assembling the arm (I can't recall who it was because I deleted the message to make room in my stuffed inbox : / ). I have asked Val to add this news to the front page, so that people who have yet to assemble their figures can at least stand a better chance of not breaking this $100.00 figure, in a month with all 3 figures being defective. Val has said that he needs the backing of known customizers to support this idea, and to possibly give other ideas. Please voice your support/ideas here, and Hopefully it will be posted to the front page in time to save some people a major headache. Thanks for your help in advance. I know that others will be happy to know that things were done by those that could do something, to help them avoid this enormous hassle on this very expensive figure.

    Btw, a few customizers that he mentioned specifically by name are Hunterknight, Master English, Joe Amaro, and Joe Amato aka Joseephus.

    Below is my original porposition, and the link that was given to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by nicholighkun
    When my figure arrived, the ring in the body cavity that his tail attaches to, was in tact. The plastic was cold, which makes it much more brittle. When I tried to assemble the tail, the ring snapped incredibly easy. The plastic is frail, the design causes load bearing weakspots, and the cold plastic expounds both problems dramatically. When your Granamyr figure arrives, allow him to come to room temperature. After coming to room temp, you may even want to heat up the ports (including the arm ports) with a hair dryer before assembly. What ever you do, DO NOT assemble him if the plastic is cold.

    Also, as for the arm ports, if you assemble the arms first, before you attach the upper torso to the lower body, you can press against the attachment rings inside the torso, while you insert the arms, which will help to keep them from snapping loose. More info on that here -
    To heat up the ports

    Going from extreme cold to extreme heat can also cause cracking and weakness, so AFTER the figure has naturally come to room temperature, use a hairdrier on the ports for about a minute and move it around while doing so. Try to make it a gradual heating i.e. start about a foot or so away, and slowly move closer, while moving the drier in a semi-slow circular motion. Normally this isn't necessary, but with this brittle frail plastic and design, it's better safe than sorry. I'm not sure if heating the pegs will help in this situation, but with the wings I'm pretty certain that you only want to heat the ports. You do not want the ports to be HOT hot, just very warm. You don't want the housing that holds the ports to warp, which should not be a problem unless you go crazy with extremely close heat, for longer than 45 seconds to a minute.
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