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Thread: I don't like any other incarnations of He-man and She-ra than the Filmation cartoons

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    I don't like any other incarnations of He-man and She-ra than the Filmation cartoons

    To me, He-man and She-ra are John Erwin and Melendy Britt voice acting the Filmation hand-drawn animation cells. The Sorceress is Linda Gary, and Skeletor is Alan Oppenheimer.

    Once you take away John Erwin and Melendy Britt, and the Filmation vision of their characters, you don't have He-man and She-ra anymore.

    Without the Filmation hand-drawn cell animation and music, oh my god you have to have the music, you don't have Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power. You lose the power.

    My dream is that Mattel would buy the Filmation Library, and use the He-man and She-ra stock animation cells from the 80's to make more episodes and movies. Bring back Melendy Britt, John Erwin, and Alan Oppenheimer to reprise their roles. And find voice actors who can duplicate Linda Gary and George DiCenzo.

    Also, bring back as many writers from the original shows as you can (eg. Bob Forward, Larry DiTillio, J. Michael Straczynski).

    Hire back the musical composers of the original Filmation show. I love the guitar instrumental of the She-ra cartoon. It was so innovative, hip, and cool; it really stuck in my head.

    Finally, bring back the original Filmation artists who drew He-man and She-ra, Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Skeletor, Hordak, and the worlds of Eternia and Etheria the way they were always meant to be envisioned.
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