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Thread: Should MOTUC be re-released as the movie line?

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    Should MOTUC be re-released as the movie line?

    If and when the new movie gets released, would you be happy if MOTUC gets re-used as the movie toyline?

    Or would you like a completely different toyline?
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    Different line entirely. Possibly the same scale figures and with Four Horsemen involvement. But it sort of makes it feel like MOTUC should remain as it was intended - an online collector line. The movie line would 'compliment' the MOTUC figures by being in the same scale.
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    Presumably a movie would have a totally different look than what the Classics is. I'd have to say no, that a movie should get it's own figures.
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    I'm on the same boat: a movie line should be something completely different from MOTUC. I have no interest in movie figures (doesn't matter the line or the movie), and I wouldn't want those figures mixed with MOTUC. I don't even think that Mattel would use the 4H to sculpt them, just because most movie figures look cheap and suck (well, with the exception of the Hot Toys 12" figures).

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    Like others just said, I would want a different line. We already have MOTUC, why would I want them again? Make a new line so you can get more $ from me. Thats the whole reason they make toys in the first place. I also like the idea of them being in scale as to compliment what we have.

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    No, but it should at least advertise the classics line in/on every movie figure package.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vid.tracey View Post
    If and when the new movie gets released, would you be happy if MOTUC gets re-used as the movie toyline?

    Or would you like a completely different toyline?
    Maybe this is me assuming that the movie stuff will not look anything like MOTU, but let the movie stuff be it's own animal.

    I would like the Classics to get re-released alongside of the movie stuff. TMNT and ThunderCats had their next generation versions, but also released the iconic versions at retail as well. Now that I think of it, this is probably one of the hidden reasons why they won't go back into production on older figures like Teela or Tri-Klops...they might save them to be released at retail alongside of the movie stuff.

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    Same scale and basic design so they would be compatible (not like DCUC and Movie Masters)......but I would assume they would have a more realistic look, but I sure hope they would be same size, scale, etc so they would fit together seamlessly.

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    Entirely New figures.... I dont want to pay for just a different head. And beinf that they will be mass produced they will hopefully be alot cheaper then $25 or whatever their up too now
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    When the original Masters of the Universe Movie was released Mattel didn't even bother making a "movie" version of Skeletor or He-Man (among others), they only focused on the new characters and incorporated them into the vintage line. However, the MOTU line was already available at retail, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Seeing as how the Classics line is only available on (mostly through subs) a new movie line would most certainly be completely different from MOTUC because it would cater to the retail market, kids mostly...

    With that said, I would prefer a line of movie figures made in the same style and scale as MOTUC so that they can easily be incorporated into the existing line. Like others have stated, this would be a great way to introduce (a stripped down) MOTUC to retail stores.
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