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Thread: Who is the best Evil Warrior swordsman?

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    Who is the best Evil Warrior swordsman?

    Who is the best swordsman in the Evil Warriors? And why?

    Here are the sword wielding Evil Warriors (and feel free to add any I missed):


    I think Blade is the top Evil Warrior swordsman because it seems like weaponry is his life and of course his gimmick. The guy is named Blade! But I can see good arguments for several other sword wielding Evil Warriors.

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    This is how I rank them in my "play Universe"
    Blade (THE Evil Swordsman)
    Skeletor (While he now relies more on Magic, he can still hold his own with the blades)
    Ninjor (Ninja... Has to be one Heck of a Swordsman)
    Tri-Klops (Above average Swordsman...)
    Jitsu (Decent Swordsman, but his Primary weapon is his hand)
    Draego-Man (Not that great... Kinda decent, flame Weapons compensate for his flaws)
    Count Marzo (While a Decent Swordsman, he relies to much on the Gem)
    Mer-Man (not that great with a blade...)
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    Easily Blade.

    And of course, Ninjor and Jitsu. Call me stereotypical, but these guys are the Masamune's of the He-Man Universe...
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    It has to go to Blade. He's the deadliest Swordsman. That's his thing. Tri-klops is a close second. In fact, I think they both will compete with each other to prove who's number 1.
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    What about Faker? As a robot he would have lightning fast reflexes, unlimited endurance, and the ability to be programmed with every style of skill, all of which are essential to sword wielding excellence.

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    I'm perfectly fine with thinking Blade is the best swordsman, as per his gimmick, and the opinions of his die hard fan base.

    However as per his appearance in the film, he was just a goon who did little more than scare a teenage girl before losing his swords, and the fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Breaker View Post
    However as per his appearance in the film, he was just a goon who did little more than scare a teenage girl before losing his swords, and the fight.
    So Blade was bested by He-Man. Unfortunately that's on every Evil Warrior's resume.
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    I would guess that it's Blade. Evil Master of Swords and all.

    Besides that, it's probably Tri-Klops and Skeletor himself, who was skilled enough to fight both He-Man AND Randor at the same time.

    Jitsu, I see more of a hand-to-hand fighter than an outright swordmaster. And Ninjor--ninja aren't swordsmen who fight in duels, they kill you when your back is turned.

    Mer-Man might be more of a gladitorial style fighter with sword and trident while Faker gets by with He-Man strength. Heck, I wouldn't consider He-Man to be a great swordsman at all. He's basically super strong with an indestructible sword.
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    Tri-Klops wins
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    Triclops is my guy for no other reason than he's my guy. And his sword design is awesome- a bit cooler than Mer-Man's 'corn sword' (although I do love me some Mer-Man too).

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    Well, lets see... who helped promote sales for the 2013 MOTUC subscription, while brandishing a mighty sword in his hand? OK, maybe that isn't exactly "evil", buy my vote still goes to BLADE!

    PS: Thousands of people watched Anthony De Longis' video that helped promote the 2013 MOTUC subscriptions. Mattel; I think it's time to make a Blade action figure!

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    It has to be Blade, that's his thing. If he's not the best at that then he's nothing.

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    Blade. He's ambidextrous and his name his name is Blade.
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    I'm hearing the Blade argument but honestly it's Keldor/Skeletor. No brainier....we all agree He-Man holds his own. On top so to speak with the power sword. Skeletor could never be in a battle or come close to defeating He-Man unless his sword skills were on par. So it's Skelly for me then Tri-Klops. Blade...yeah he's o.k. But he has some catching up to do. I don't care if it's "his" thing. It's his only thing & he can't even beat He-Man per 87 movie take...punked out.

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    Tri-Klops, hands down...
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    ten characters more required to reply to this thread... wow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 13977 View Post
    I think that's probably because the Heroic Warriors don't really have many swordsmen.
    I mean who would the options be He-Man, Teela, Randor, maybe Fisto? Maybe MAA?
    Quote Originally Posted by Madison Carter View Post
    I imagine MAA and Teela would both be well-versed. Oddly enough, I don't and never have seen He-Man himself as a master swordsman; he's never really needed finesse with the Power Sword. Though never shown as using one, something tells me the mystic Zodak is probably pretty handy with one as well. Randor in his prime was probably top-notch, too. Strange, I can't really think of that many other heroic warriors/Masters that were shown as being swordsmen of any high caliber. Vikor maybe? Sir Laser-Lot is probably very competent, but with so little known about him, hard to place. Given he had the sword that started all this, wonder how He-Ro was with a sword.
    ^Agreed on most points. The Heroic swordsman list is very short due to the fact Mattel pushed He-Man as the hero with the sword for most of the MOTU years. I'm thinking the overall breakdown would go something like this:

    1. Zodak -is an immortal martial artist. Though we've never seen him use a sword, I'm sure he's best on Eternia in all forms of combat and with all weapons. After he gave his staff to Evil-Lyn and Rattlor (which we're to believe is his best/most powerful weapon) all he did was walk over to his weapons rack and choose another (mace). With this secondary and far less powerful weapon (I doubt all his weapons can rip/seal dimensional fabric) he fought the "most powerful man in the universe" (who of course always wields the most powerful weapon) to a stand still- all the while regarding him as little more than a nuisance.

    2. King Grayskull- It's still a mystery where his great power originates being that most modern Eternian Power originates from him. Where ever it comes from, I'm sure it was mostly the reasoning he could fight off droves of Snake Men. I imagine KG used his battle axebefore He-Ro fashioned him his sword. But then he used the sword(s) to ultimately defeat the armies of Hordesman thus putting him high on this list.

    3. Green Goddess- much like Zodak, she's an immortal and her only job is combat training. Though her storyline is undeveloped and very much feels shoe-horned, we still have to factor her in this contest.

    4. Dekker -if Randor, Duncan, and Malcolm are the best swordsman we can think of for Heroic Warriors, it's safe to say the old master that taught them all is that much better. And much like Zodak- who we've never seen use a sword yet still adept with whatever- Dekker helped fight off a group of Eternia's strongest monsters with a piece of driftwood. I wonder if driftwood mastery is still taught at the royal academy...?

    5. Fisto -The man uses two very distinct swords (a regular one and very large one) that I'm sure he was proficient with before his handicap turned superpower.

    6. He-Man -Though I've never considered He-Man a master swordsman either, he did beat Blade in the movie. Blade would've really been in trouble if there were any big rocks around. Lol.

    7. Teela -she was always practicing her sword or combo. Still too young to be considered high on the list or best in Eternia. She's still too young and brash to be considered for other titles she holds either IMO.

    The few not factored in this contest is due to faction (She-Ra- TGR) or lack of sufficient evidence (Sir Laser-Lot, He-Ro) etc.

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    I forgot about Skeletor, he was a cool swordsman in MYP.

    Even though Tri-Klops carries a sword, I have never seen him use it in any media
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    With none using their powers (save for Tri-Klops using his only to see), I see a very long three-way long-lasting stand-off between Skeletor, Tri-Klops and Blade, with Skeletor finally going down (he's come to rely on magic too much and is probably seriously out of practice) and the other two going indefinitely as long as their bodies allowed.
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    Well, Blade was based on Tri-Klops(if i remember correctly).
    So i'm gonna say Tri-Klops. Then Skeletor.

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    Well...Blade of course. His whole gimmick is that he's a master swordsman. To have anyone above him would make his character pointless.

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    Before Blade came along, surely it had to be Tri-Klops.

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    1. Blade- It's all he does. And like it's already been stated- his name is Blade.
    2. Tri-Klops- It seems like it shouldn't get any better than a once blind swordsman. Now that his handicap has been reversed ten-fold (now he sees everything) he should be that much better. And I still believe Blade was originally Trike in the movie.
    3. Jitsu- he's an "asian" master of many different martial arts, so the stereotyped cliché should apply. Lol. I didn't give him top spot because he does much more work with the golden hand.
    4. Skeletor- Keldor seemed to be a bad dude with those dual blades. He held his own against many greats, but ultimately- storyline dictated he had to fall to Randor. Not saying Randor should be a slouch, but it does bring Keldor down a few notches. Good thing Skeletor is greater master of the dark arts.
    5. Ninjor- Due to those pesky clichés, one would think the lone ninja would be higher on the list. But I see Ninjor as a "troop-builder" and we all know an army of ninjas are only cannon fodder.
    6. Draego-Man- He breathes fire and his magical sword turns into a fire. I don't think he has (or needed to) practice enough "traditional" fencing skills to qualify for this contest. Lol.
    7. Mer-Man- Don't know how this one one really made the list either. Seems like he'd be more of the spear/trident type of guy anyway.

    Fun topic, but I'm wondering how a "heroes" list would result.

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    Here's my run-down, in order of increasing skill:

    Draego-Man: not particularly skilled, but his swird does catch fire, so points for showmanship!
    Squiddish: decent, but prefers to use his blades ability to blast water as in the early minis
    Skeletor: skilled, though he prefers the use of the Havoc Staff
    Jitsu: very skilled, though he relies most on his martial arts prowess
    Tri-Klops: very skilled, though he is also a jack-of-all-trades, skilled with many other weapons and with technology
    Ninjor: very, very skilled with blades and other weapons, but his best asset is his stealth
    Blade: master swordsman, though his other skills pale in comparison...okay with a whip though...
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