Post-holiday blues?

First of all, yes I know we still have New Year to go, but this is really bugging me.

I've had this really strange, kind-of-sad feeling since Christmas Day.

I really look forward to Christmas every year. I'm not religious, but the other aspects really appeal to me - the lights, the music, looking round the shops in the run-up to Christmas (quite something for a 32-year-old British man to admit!), the whole atmosphere fills me with joy. I even like the TV ads!

I almost enjoy the build-up more than the event itself.

This year was different because my partner and I moved into our new home only on December 3 - so Christmas preparations were, to say the least, a mad rush. It's been a really stressful time (in a good, buying-a-new-house way, I suppose!) and Christmas shopping really took a backseat to moving house.

We had a lot of stuff to buy and, of course, the shops were filled with Christmas cheer. I played my Christmas music in the car during the shopping trips, and we finally had everything where we wanted it in the house. We also picked up some decorations, which I'll be sorry to take down.

So we only really got to Christmas-specific shopping a few days before. Luckily we knew what we wanted and where to get it, and we did presents last Saturday morning and food on Saturday afternoon.

Christmas Day itself was idyllic - presents in the morning for myself, my girlfriend and my stepdaughter (kind of special as I've bought us all the new house, the two of them were in a rented association property before), then a relative came round and joined us for a fantastic dinner. I also enjoyed the night - or so I'm told, I've not been drinking much lately so by the time I sat down for evening TV I was ready to crash out, I have no drink tolerance at the moment!

The next day, more family came round, we put on a buffet, my oldest schoolfriend came to visit for the night, and we had some beers. From Thursday 27th I started working four night shifts (just in the middle of my last one - it's quiet as I'm sure you can tell ).

Anyway, sorry to rant on, but every year without fail, after Christmas Day is over, for some reason I can't listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, and feel very down. It's like someone flicks a switch and puts me into "holiday blues" mode.

It's really not a nice feeling. It's like I want all the decorations gone, but at the same time I'm totally dreading the act of taking them down after New Year.

I don't know if it's nostalgia for Christmases past or just that I've enjoyed myself and am sorry it's over. A really strange, hard-to-describe feeling.

Sorry for the rant guys.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you a happy, prosperous New Year for 2013.

Back to work, it'll stop my mind wandering…