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As for other reveals, I dont expect Horde Troopers as they shot that down as not even being in works at the moment. So I personally hope to see either New Adventures Mutant Troopers or Filamtion Skeletor Hover Robot Knights.
I wouldn't take that as a sign that they aren't coming, Rep. Years ago, I created a thread that kept track of figures that weren't coming anytime soon, but all of that ended when TG famously said that Whiplash and Megator weren't coming anytime soon.

Both were revealed in a month.

TG disavowing upcoming figures is a standard TG response. However around the time of the 2013 subscription, he did mention a fan-demanded army builder that was coming in 2013. I don't remember the exact quote, but I think he worded it to mean heavily fan-demanded characters.