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It's 36 days until the NYTF reveals. I am wondering if the 2013 subscribers will receive any email sneak peaks before then? I hope so. Speaking of hoping...I posted about what I think will be shown, not I'll post what I HOPE will be shown...
You know, I do the exact same thing any time these threads pop up. It's never who I really really want, it's what I'm guessing might be in the works by putting on my guessing cap, getting into the headspace of the folks who make all these decisions. So, if you're asking who I would LOVE to see revealed... that's this post here:

AUGUST - Double Trouble

Non-Sub Items:
Weapons Pak 4 (at the very least, featuring Strobo's gun, a newly-tooled spear for Netossa, Netossa's face mask, a newly-tooled ice blast attachment for Frosta's hand, a shooting star-themed weapon of some sort for Starla, a laser blaster for Tallstar, and a crystal shield that would snap on to the front of Jewelstar's hand to hold in front of her for blocking things, and repaints of the Snake Men army builder weapons and armor)

Castle Grayskull prototype

Filmation Outside-The-Sub bi-monthly Two-Packs:

Scorpia & Imp
Shokoti & Lord Masque
Batros & Negator
Icer & Strongarm
Sea Hawk & Huntara
Madame Razz & Broom

News of an animated series to debut in the fall