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I doubt it, but wouldn't be suprised by it. I too want a Despara. The only thing I know for sure is alot of stuff is coming down the pipeline. bcrduke made a post awhile back, that basically said the 2nd half of '13 was going to be expensive & to start saving our pennies. Even before I joined the org I took Brian's word as gold. So I may not know what it is until he chimes in, or explains those colors in his sig, but I know it's enough for him to say start saving a month or so ago. Awesome.
I respect Brian a lot and love his hints. I wish he would just PM me with the true low down, because I dont like the guessing, but he holds his cards close and I would not ask. I hope that we see lots of quality product in the near future, not necessarily because I am all doom and gloom, but I would rather get it now and get it over with, so I have less to regret when the line does end. Whenever that may be. I am one of those that will stick with the line until the end. I do not like going with holes in my collection. I am looking at you Bronze King Grayskull! I could easily compile a list of 75-100 more figures that I would not mind having and buying for my collection.