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Thread: Help me to get my Husky as my Emotional Service Dog.

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    Help me to get my Husky as my Emotional Service Dog.

    Ever since my dad passed away in 2009 I have been seeing a Psychologist for severe Depression and she has said I could get my Husky licensed as an Emotional Comfort Animal, making her able to go out in the community with me, being in a wheel chair she could go into stores etc with me. The cost ios roughly $175.00 to get her licensed, so my brother said we could sell some of his collectables to do this so I take paypal and I will be updating this as I need to get her licensed as soon as possible.

    A few haves that I have:

    Think these are from the 2006 Joe Con:

    Sgt. Slaughter Marauders 3-pack con exclusive $40
    Con Exclusive Ferrets still in bag $100.00
    Slaughter Marauder Tank still in Bag
    GI Joe cobras most wanted Con Exclusive 3 3/4" set from same con think its the one with the Cobra Immortal NRFB $175.00
    MOTUC Fisto $100

    I will be adding more much more to get this done, anyone want to help me. All prices are without shipping.


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