That is, if the price is right. I do sort of miss the line, but I've been put off mostly by cost. If I can get a few figures for a good price though...

When I say loose, I mean loose. I can't and won't pay extra for a MOC figure that I'd open anyway. White mailer boxes are also worth nothing to me, I have plenty of cardboard as it is. I am also located in the US and would prefer to buy from US sellers for the best shipping cost.

If you have anything I want, send me your asking price and postage cost(I'm content paying for cheap first class mailing with no DC). Pictures will be appreciated.

He-Man- with sword, axe and shield, I do not need the half sword
- also could use the paint-washed head from the TRU 2-pack release if I can get one. Just the head from it

Skeletor- I'd prefer to get the TRU 2-pack version, if possible, as well as a set of the Matty version's weapons. But I'll take just a Matty version if I can't get that. I do not need the half sword

She-Ra- I need the weapons and cartoon head, I do not need the spare mask head as it would just go into a box anyway.
- Or I'll take the TRU 2-pack version if I can't get that

Hordak- prefer complete

Trap-Jaw- I need the 3 attachments, I do not need the Kronis parts as they would just go into a box anyway.

Roboto- complete. I'm aware the shoulder are swapped on at least some, if not all.