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Thread: White Mailer Box discussion

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    I have them for all my "openers" even though they have not been opened yet, I just fold them flat. I have no idea why and I am sure someday..soon, I will probably recycle them. I did this with my Star Wars collection until the empty boxes were taking up too much room and I had to dispose of them. Which was kind of odd to begin with, since I had one of each in the box still. OCD tendancies.

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    Of course! I keep everythin' from my MOTUC even the tissue paper and the receipt from DR!
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    No, its like keeping used toilet paper, why would you.
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    I don't keep anything but the figs and accessories. Everything else goes in the trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Joezilla View Post
    No, its like keeping used toilet paper, why would you.
    True I actually saw someone that was paying big money for the empty boxes WITH the tissue paper.....

    Wish I had found out before that....

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    I keep them. They are taking up a LOT of space ...

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    I keep them mostly because i know i will move and itīs easier to transport them in those boxes plus than i know who is who as itīs written on the box.

    But i guess i would keep them even if i wouldnīt move.... canīt exactly say why.
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    I don't keep more then a few at a time, then toss em when another batch arrives. the only boxes i seem to keep are my 25th joe stuff, they look neat.
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    I am building a raft with them. Perhaps when I'm finished I can get off of this island.

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    I do...i really don't know why though.

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    this thread is crazy...

    Why...because I kept them all (including the packaging & tissue paper). I say, I KEPT them all.

    I am moving and had to decide if transporting all these boxes 1800 miles was worth the space. They're not, to me.

    I have no idea why I kept them. I think the thing, for me, is that I buy them because of nastalgia but then the adult collector was should keep it all. The packaging adds value. But the bottom line was that with SO much to move and sell its just not worth the effort or space moving or in the new place.

    Its the new year so while this move is illed timed its an opportunity to clean out and get rid of things that do not mean anything to me. The boxes/packaging didnt really mean a lot to me when I was kid, why should it now.

    Its too late to do anything about it now, they are all crushed and in the garbage now.

    I have to say, as I did not break them down it was amazing to see the amount of space it took up (they were in a spare closet that wasnt used)...even flattened out they add up.

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    Aside from six of my MOTUC, the rest are all MOC until I finally have the room to buy another Detolf/curio to display them in. I hang them on the wall, so I throw the white mailer, tissue, and receipt in the trash. Don't need anymore clutter around than I already have.

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    I keep them and have no idea why...and I am thrilled I am not the only one!
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