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Thread: The Storming of Castle Grayskull - Audioplay Fan Translation

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    The Storming of Castle Grayskull - Audioplay Fan Translation

    Hi everyone,

    After 2011's "Anti-Eternia" and 2012's "Doppelganger" I am currently writing an English language transcript of the German 80s audioplay "Sturm auf Catle Grayskull" = "The Storming of Castle Grayskull".

    I will post the translation in parts over the next couple of weeks (months?) and anyone who wants to help someway is very welcome to participate. I would be especially happy if someone could contribute some art. And if someone who's better in English could proof-read my translation attempts that would be absolutely fantastic. But any help or feedback is very welcome. Really, if you like this translation please let me know, your feedback is the only reward I get from this...

    So, without further ado:

    The Storming of Castle Grayskull

    Chapter 1

    Narrator: He-Man had left Castle Grayskull and together with his faithful friend, the battle tiger Battle Cat, followed the track of a deer. It was the largest animal of its kind he had ever seen. His passion for hunting was piqued.

    He-Man (softly): Over there it is.By all the powers of Eternia, what antlers.Come on, old tomcat, quickly, before it can escape into the gorge!

    Battle Cat: Hold on!

    He-Man: Look out!

    (Loud rumbling. Battle Cat roars.)

    He-Man: Battle! Is everything alright?

    Battle Cat: Everything alright? No! (Yelling) We're trapped! We are trapped in a sand hole and can't get out.

    He-Man: You're right. We have broken through the leaves and branches. And we can't climb the sand walls.

    Battle Cat: I'll tear them down!

    He-Man: There's no sense in that, old tomcat! The sand slips by. And this means we cannot climb up.

    Battle Cat: There has to be something we can do.

    He-Man: Wait, I'll get on your back, you'll get on your rears, and maybe I'll manage to get to the top. And once I'm up, I pull you up as well.

    Battle Cat: Agreed. Ready?

    He-Man: Yes. Get up.

    Battle Cat: Does it work?

    He-Man: No.That is futile. I do not reach the edge. We still need at least six feet.

    Battle Cat: Skeletor, you devil! This is your work! (Yelling) I will have my revenge! Just wait, if I catch you! I'll twist your skeleton so that it will take you a lifetime to sort your bones! Oh, I could ... (roar)

    He-Man: Wait, Battle Cat! (Battle Cat roars again) Be quiet! I think I heard something. Somebody is up there!

    Battle Cat: (yelling) Skeletor, is it you? Come here, you spawn of evil! Come here!

    Voice: Who's yelling here?

    He-Man: (to himself) Oh, so then I heard it right! (Loud) Who are you, stranger?

    Voice: I'm Trojaan. I come from the West. Specifically, from the islands of the star bridges.

    Battle Cat: Do not talk so much, help us rather out of the trap!

    Trojaan: (short laugh) You want out of the hole? Why didn't you say so before! Wait. Here is a log - I'll let it down to you, so that you can use it to climb up.

    Battle Cat: Yes, yes, do that, but still today if possible!

    Trojaan: Yes, I'm on my way.

    He-Man: Don't be so nasty to the stranger, Battle. After all, he is helping us and that is quite a lot!

    Trojaan: There. The log! Watch out! I let it down to you!

    He-Man: Yes, it works! That's good. Thank you! Battle, up with you. You go first!

    Battle Cat: Good!That's nothing for me!

    Trojaan: You're an excellent climber, Battle!

    Battle Cat: (yelling) That goes without saying.He-Man, come on!

    He-Man: I am not planning to stay down here. (Groans) That was a good idea with the tree trunk, you can climb up quite well. Well, that's it! Thank Trojaan, without you we wouldn't have made it out.

    Trojaan: You're welcome.Everyone would have helped you out. No bother at all.

    He-Man: Come, join us at Castle Grayskull. You absolutely have to tell us of the islands of the star bridges. I've always wanted to know more about them.

    Trojaan: They are the most beautiful islands I know. And in starry nights you can see in the sky what is happening on other planets! Clear and vivid! As if you were there ...

    He-Man: Really?

    Trojaan: Yes. The stars disappear and you can see other worlds. It's wonderful.

    He-Man: Yonder is the castle. Welcome, Trojaan.

    (Music starts)

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