I have no idea what it cost me - no doubt its a small fortune wiht cost of shipping to Australia.

I bought 2 of everything through the subs (both Club Eternia and 30th Anniversary), plus a third for each figure with 2 heads. I also preordered 4 subs and 2 Castle Grayskulls. I bought 7 x Snake Men 2-paks in total (including my 2 subs), 2x Granamyr, 2xTankTop Vykron and 3x Space Ace Vykron and 2x weapons pak. I also bought an extra Snake MAA, MAA, Skeletor and Dragon Blaster Skeletor to do some mixing and matching to create 200x MAA and each Skeletor body displayed with each armor (original and Dragon).

Matty also got me for a DC subscription, of which the only items I'm actually welcoming to my collection are Elastigirl & Dollman and the Mobius Chair with Metron. All the other figures I already had through DC Direct series and I'm not counting Rocket Red because a) he is not the iconic JLI version and (most importantly) b) he is not to scale!!

An .Orger helped me out with my 1x PowerCon Keldor sword.

Ebay stitched me up for 1x Barbarian Vykron, 2 x TOD Sorceress, 1x Zodak (in readiness for the head with Strobo) and 2x Teela for my M&M mini-comic Teela and caucasian Goddess display.

There is no way I'd ever want to add the cost of all that.