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    The Fearless Photog: Expanded Bio

    MOTU Fearless Photog by ~CJEdwardsArt on deviantART

    An aspiring astrophysicist, quantum engineer and trusted apprentice to Gwildor, one of Eternia’s greatest scientific minds, Jey often dreamed of life as a member of the Masters of the Universe in the desperate fight to free his home world from the tyranny of Skeletor.

    His dream became a reality when he was personally selected by Man-At-Arms, along with five other promising inventors by the science council to journey to Eternos to present his latest creation; the Photog Emulator. A powerful neutrino based light manipulating device, capable of forming powerful constructs from pure light to aid in building complex structures in low gravity environments, as well as a variety of other focus light related applications. Unfortunately it seemed the universe was not without a sense of cruel irony, and Jey's dream quickly became a living nightmare.

    During the presentation, a slight miscalculation led to a flux overload, unleashing an energy field which reacted with a strange mystical artifact brought to the convention by an unseen assassin employed to kill the greatest minds in Eternia. Though the assassin's attempt on the science council was foiled, the combination of energy and magic had a life restoring effect, merging Jey on the atomic level with his own invention, and imbuing him with life. Unable to cope with his condition, Jey became highly unstable, and disappeared from the scientific community of which he had dedicated his life, requiring years of deep preparative therapy under the care of a beautiful nurse, whom he came to love. Though he was more machine than man, they shared a deep friendship, a connection that few understood. Further misfortune was wrought upon Jey, when he lost his beloved during The Horde’s return to Eternia. Realizing that he could no longer stand idly by as evil threatened Eternia, Jey grew stoic and focused, finding a new dedication and transformed all of his emotions into an breakable will.

    He had long since known that the accident which left him a bizarre faceless cybernetic creation of technology, with only a lens in place of his once human eyes, also granted him amazing energy draining and light bending abilities. As the Fearless Photog, he could create and sustain powerful shields of pure energy to deflect incoming attacks, and even drain all light from the surrounding environment to create instant black outs and confuse adversaries. Even more astounding, he possessed the ability to drain his enemies' biothermic energy and display their defeat on the screen embedded in his torso. He fought heroically during the Second Ultimate Battleground, helping to defeat several of Skeletor’s most powerful and menacing warriors, including the mighty Clawful and ferocious Whiplash.

    Their defeat at the hands of such an usual looking being, has fostered a bitter rivalry between the villains and the bold hero, both of whom on occasion, will be reminded of their past encounter with the ghostly pixelated images on his chest. The first one into battle, and willing to lay down his life for his friends, his heart is solid and true, despite the unnervingly cold reflective stare, and off putting hum of the inquisitive lens he uses to view the world around him. He lives up to his namesake by standing in the face of danger along side the Masters of the Universe, as the Fearless Photog.
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