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Thread: Which had a bigger impact on you: Star Wars or MOTU

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    Which had a bigger impact on you: Star Wars or MOTU

    Growing up I had primarily two types of toys....Star Wars and MOTU. Both had a lasting effect on me.....but Star Wars impacted me deeper, so much so that our upcoming Son is being named Lucas. Our Christmas tree is prodominently full of Star Wars characters, and although I am 50 strong and growing in my MOTUC collection, my 8 bins of Star Wars stuff dwarfs it in comparison. 2015 is supposed to bring both to theatres at the same time, which is a pretty big deal. That being said, I know we are all MOTU lovers here.....but who do you love more?!

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    Count Duckula of course

    but out of those 2...MOTU

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    Definitely MOTU!!!

    When star Wars came out I never really saw the movie but was well aware of it cause my cousin and our friend were heavy collectors. Since there was so much product i think my mother was turned off by spending on so much as I also passed on other collections such as G.I. Joe and Transformers due to the quantity. But for some reason she caved when it came to He-Man especially when she saw my face when we went to our local Macy's and saw the store display; and from that one Christmas she bought the entire first wave including Grayskull and vehicles (along with my older sister) and decided He-Man was gonna be MY COLLECTION.
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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Dad View Post
    Which had a bigger impact on you: Star Wars or MOTU?
    Hmmmm. I'm not sure...

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