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Thread: How would YOU schedule the next 3-4 years?

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    How would YOU schedule the next 3-4 years?

    With the talk regarding NYTF 2013 reveals, and the potential surprises (beasts, vehicles, multi-packs, add-on subs, etc.), and the overall talk of the line wrapping up (in terms of the core figures)...I tried to come up with a schedule that attempted to hit as many requested figures as possible. I set up 2014-2016 to have the exact same skus as 2013 (12 monthly, 4 quarterly items, and a sub exclusive). I included a 6-figure add-on sub (Filmation), a SDCC item, and a traveling exclusive. This is what I came up with...

    JAN - Netossa, Ram Man
    FEB - Jitsu
    MAR - Fang Man, King Grayskull
    APR - Snake Face, FFM
    MAY - Karatti, Icer (first add-on figure, after NYTF reveal)
    JUNE - Octavia, Weapons Pak 4 (w/ Rattlor's armor, Strobo's gun, and white Horde crossbow)
    JULY - Clamp Champ, NA He-Man, Seahawk
    AUG - Castaspella, Kothos
    SEPT - King Miro, Evilseed
    OCT - Tuskador, Horde Troopers
    NOV - Geldor, Madame Razz
    DEC - Peekablue, Batros
    Traveling Con Item - Strobo
    SDCC - Stonedar/Granita/Rokkon 3-pack
    30th Anniv. Filmation - Chef Allen

    JAN - Mantenna, Multi-Bot
    FEB - Glimmer, Scorpia
    MAR – Hydron, Eldor (sub exclusive)
    APR – Rio Blast, Crita/Darius/Mara 3-pack, Strong Arm
    MAY – Sweet Bee
    JUNE - Flogg, Dylamug
    JULY - Ninjor, Starburst She-Ra
    AUG - Angella, Lizard Man
    SEPT - Artilla
    OCT - Squeeze, Masque/Melaktha 2-pack, Vultak
    NOV - Lord Dactys
    DEC - Staghorn, Kittrina
    Traveling Con Item - Goat Man
    SDCC - Blade/Gwildor/Saurod 3-pack

    JAN – Two-Bad, Modulok
    FEB - Mermista, General Tataran
    MAR – Quakke, Lodar (sub exclusive)
    APR - Extendar, Spinnerella/Flutterina/Perfuma/Kowl multi-pack, Red Knight
    MAY – Blast Attak
    JUNE – Vizar, Hawk(Delora)
    JULY – Tung Lasher, NA Skeletor
    AUG – Double Trouble, Huntara
    SEPT - Lizorr
    OCT - Dragstor, Twistoid/Rotar 2-pack, Uncle Montork/Dree-Elle
    NOV - Entrapta
    DEC – Spinwit, Hunga the Harpy
    Traveling Con Item – Filmation Hordak w/ Imp
    SDCC - Hoove/Kayo/Butthead 3-pack
    30th Anniv. of PoP - Scratchin' Sound Catra/Shower Power Catra/Panther form Catra 3-pack

    JAN - Calix, Sagitor
    FEB - Garn, Plundor
    MAR - Bruar, Red Beast (sub exclusive)
    APR - Crimson Fury, Battleground Marlena/Captain Randor/Kulatak Elder 3-pack, Melog
    MAY - Songster
    JUN - Queen Zal, Admiral Scurvy
    JULY - Prahvus, Snake Armor He-Man
    AUG - Shezar, Negator
    SEPT - Master Sebrian
    OCT - Veena, Filmation Count Marzo/Chimera 2-pack, General Sunder
    NOV - Nocturna
    DEC - Prince Dakon, Nepthu
    Traveling Con Item - King Hssss' Slave Girl
    SDCC - Flying Fist He-Man/Terror Claws Skeletor/Buzzsaw Hordak 3-pack

    Afterwards, multi-packs like Skeletor's Robot Knights, Skelcons, Avion Rocketeers, Masks of Power Demons, or stuff like beasts, variants, weapons packs, dioramas, vehicles, playsets, etc., all can be offered as non-sub items or additional con exclusives.

    What do you think?
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