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Thread: How would YOU schedule the next 3-4 years?

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    Here is an example of what I had come up with and mentioned above. As I said I started to come up with this guide before the line was "in trouble" and before the all star 2014/2015 plan was announced: so this road map I came up with was more about having each year be as even of a mix for as long as possible. With the new road map I know things will be payed out differently so this type of mix will probably no longer be possible:

    1. Clamp Champ – HEROIC WARRIOR (vintage)
    2. Jitsu – EVIL WARRIOR (vintage)
    3. Mantenna – HORDE (vintage)
    4. Snake Face – SNAKE (vintage)
    5. Glimmer – POP (a list)
    6. Netessa – POP (b list)
    8. Karatti – SPACE MUTANTS
    9. Fang Man – FILMATION MOTU
    10. Octavia – FILMATION POP
    11. Queen Veena – MYP
    12. Geldor – OTHER (mini comic)
    13. King He-Man – HE-RO

    Q1. Ram Man
    Q2. Foe Men
    Q3. Horde Troopers - HORDE
    Q4. New Adventures He-Man

    CON1. Eldor – OTHER (prototype)
    CON2. Dare w Craven
    CON3. Strobo

    Extra 1. Castle Greyskull

    1. Gwildor – HEROIC WARRIOR (vintage)
    2. Two-Bad – EVIL WARRIOR (vintage)
    3. Dragstor – HORDE (vintage)
    4. Tung Lashor – SNAKE (vintage)
    5. Queen Angella – POP (a list)
    6. Double Trouble – POP (b list)
    7. Tuskador – GALACTIC GUARDIANS
    8. Flogg – SPACE MUTANTS
    9. Shakoti – FILMATION MOTU
    10. Scorpia - FILMATION POP
    11. Evil Seed – MYP
    12. Critta – OTHER (Jetlag)
    13. OO-Larr – OTHER (mini comic)

    Q1. Tyrantisaurous Rex – GIANT (snake)
    Q2. Stridor – BEAST
    Q3. Sagitaur – OVERSIZE (Galactic Guardian)
    Q4. Trolla 3-Pack

    V1. Snake Armor He-Man
    V2. NA Skeletor – NA
    V3. Mini Comic Trap Jaw
    V4. NA Sorceress

    CON1. King Miro - OTHER
    CON2. UR/Gleep (2 pack) - NA
    CON3. Darius – PROTOTYPE

    MINI 1. He-Ro Son of He-Man – HE-RO
    MINI 2. Kay-La – HE-RO
    MINI 3. Saw Tooth – HE-RO
    MINI 4. Bug-Eye – HE-RO
    MINI 5. Fork Lift HE-RO
    MINI 6. Slob-Boar HE-RO

    1. Stonedar – HEROIC WARRIOR (vintage)
    2. Blade – EVIL WARRIOR (vintage)
    3. Entraptra – HORDE (pop)
    4. Sssqueeze – SNAKE (vintage)
    5. Castaspella – POP (a list)
    6. Sweet Bee – POP (b list)
    7. Nocturna – GALACTIC GUARDIANS
    8. Hoove – SPACE MUTANTS
    9. Batros – FILMATION MOTU
    10. Sea Hawk – FILMATION POP
    11. Lord Prahvus - MYP
    12. Master Serbian – OTHER (Jetlag)
    13. Lodar – OTHER (mini comic)

    Q1. Azdar – GIANT (myp)
    Q2. Clawdeen – BEAST HORDE
    Q3. Modulok – OVERSIZE HORDE
    Q4. The Widgets (3pack)

    V1. Slime Pit He-Man
    V2. Horde Force Captain Adora
    V3. Buzzsaw Hordak
    V4. Scratchin Sound Catra

    CON1. Queen She-RA (aka Starburst)
    CON2. Royal Swiftwind
    CON3. Songster - OTHER

    MINI 1. Arrow
    MINI 2. Storm
    MINI 3. Crystal Moonbeam
    MINI 4. Crystal Sundancer
    MINI 5. Loki
    MINI 6. Kowl

    1. Rio Blast – HEROIC WARRIOR (vintage)
    2. Ninjor – EVIL WARRIOR (vintage)
    3. Imp – HORDE (filmation)
    4. Unnamed One – SNAKE (concept)
    5. Mermista – POP (a list)
    6. Peakablue – POP (b list)
    8. Lizzor – SPACE MUTANTS
    9. Strong Arm – FILMATION MOTU
    10. Madame Razz – FILMATION POP
    11. Lord Dactys – MYP
    12. Mara – OTHER (Jetlag)
    13. Delora – OTHER (mini comic)

    Q1. Belzar – GIANT (myp)
    Q2. Battle Lion – BEAST
    Q3. Multi-Bot – OVERSIZE HORDE
    Q4. Skeletor Robot Knights (2 Pack)

    V1. Flying Fist He-Man
    V2. Terror Claws Skeletor
    V3. Cloak and Dagger Evil Lyn
    V4. Queen Teela (he-ro variant)

    CON1. Illumina w tiger– MISC (comic)
    CON2. Plundor – FILMATION
    CON3. Scrollos – OTHER (UK comic)

    MINI 1. Son of Skeletor – HE-RO
    MINI 2. Air Bag HE-RO
    MINI 3. Odar – HE-RO
    MINI 4. Ever-Mean HE-RO
    MINI 5. Missle Toe – HE-RO
    MINI 6. Battle Bird – BEAST (HE-RO)

    1. Rockon – HEROIC WARRIOR (vintage)
    2. Sauron – EVIL WARRIOR (vintage)
    3. Vultak – HORDE (filmation)
    4. Snake Goddess – SNAKE
    5. Perfuma – POP (b list)
    6. Spinnerella – POP (b list)
    8. Butthead – SPACE MUTANTS
    9. Zanthos – FILMATION MOTU
    10. Huntara – FILMATION POP
    11. King Ceretus – MYP
    12. Karg – OTHER (motion picture)
    13. Goat Man – OTHER

    Q1. Chadzar – GIANT (myp)
    Q2. Night Stalker – BEAST
    Q3. Astrolino – METEORB (hw)
    Q4. Mutant Warrior (2 pack) OTHER (2000x)

    V1. Laser Power He-Man
    V2. Laser Lights Skeletor
    V3. Light Spinner
    V4. Ram Man (He-Ro variant)

    CON1. Prince Adam
    CON2. Zoar
    CON3. Screeech

    Extra 1.

    1. Extendar – HEROIC WARRIOR (vintage)
    2. Blast Attack – EVIL WARRIOR (vintage)
    3. Dylamug – FILMATION (horde)
    4. Snake Slave Girl - SNAKE
    5. Lizard Man – FILMATION MOTU
    6. Futterina – POP (b list)
    8. Quakke – SPACE MUTANTS
    9. Katrina – FILMATION MOTU
    10. Granita – FILMATION POP
    11. Hawke - MYP
    12. Drissi – OTHER (Jetlag)
    13. Lt. Andra – OTHER (star comic)

    Q1. Mantisaur – BEAST (horde)
    Q2. Enchanta – BEAST
    Q3. Gore-illa – METEORB (ew)
    Q4. Mask of Power Demon (2 Pack)

    V1. Battle Punch He-Man - NA
    V2. Battle Blade Skeletor - NA
    V3. Shower Power Catra
    V4. Man-E-Faces (He-Ro variant)

    CON1. Wind Raider Pilot – OTHER (concept)
    CON2. Dark Riders - OVERSIZE

    Extra 1. Serpos – GIANT

    1. Rotar – HEROIC WARRIOR (vintage)
    2. Twistoid – EVIL WARRIOR (vintage)
    3. Calix – HORDE (myp)
    4. Lord Masque – FILMATION MOTU
    5. Hunga – FILMATION
    6. Malektha – FILMATION MOTU
    8. Staghorn – SPACE MUTANTS
    9. Icer - FILMATION MOTU
    10. Norwyn – FILMATION POP
    11. Star Child - FILMATION MOTU
    12. Cazz – OTHER (Jetlag)
    13. Garn – OTHER (mini comic)

    Q1. Bianotops - BEAST
    Q2. Butterflyer – BEAST
    Q3. Ty-Grrr – METEORB (hw)
    Q4. Gargoyles 2 pack - MYP

    V1. Thunder Punch He-Man - NA
    V2. Disk of Doom Skeletor
    V3. Missile Armor Flipshot - NA
    V4. Evil Lyn (He-Ro variant)


    Extra 1.

    In my road map I'd kept things going in 2020 and onward with more Filmation characters, etc but 2019 was the last year for actual vintage figures to show up in the line.
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    As long as I get these I don't care where/when they come...

    Madame Razz and Broom
    Queen Angella
    Tung Lashor
    Filmation Teela
    Filmation Skeletor
    Lord Dactys
    Evil Seed (MYP version)
    Sweet Bee

    I have faith in Mattel and the 4H that they can get this done within 2-3 years.

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    For the sake of time I'll just do 2014.

    Jan - Glimmer
    Feb - Rio Blast
    Mar - Dragstor
    Apr - Crita
    May - Saurod
    Jun - Peekablue
    Jul - Lizard Man
    Aug - Hydron
    Sep - Eldor
    Oct - Scorpia
    Nov - Tung Lashor
    Dec - Lord Dactys

    Q1 - Two Bad
    Q2 - NA Skeletor
    Q3 - Mantisaur
    Q4 - Rokkon/Stonedar

    SDCC Exclusive - Imp with Filmation Hordak
    Traveling Con - Granita
    Sub Exclusive - Veena (Done 200x Sorceress colors)

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    Let's not forget Tullamore!

    Oh, and the Granamyr's Throne Room playset!
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

    **Staunch FILMation lover!!! **** MUST complete the New Adventures Faction!!!**

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    If this lasts 4 more years, which I hope it does, I want everything. I want every figure released in MOTU, POP and NA from 1982-1992. That includes the Euro LP He-man and LL Skeletor. Intertwined in all that I want Filmation, Filmation and more Filmation. I want POG figures and comic book figures as well. I'm going to need a Snake Mountain too Mattel.
    It's all about being polished when it counts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Tamusk View Post
    Great list, Zodac74! I like a lot of your 2-pack combinations. The only thing I's say may not happen is the variants of Teela and Evil-Lyn 3.0. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I just think Mattel would shoot for new characters rather than a 3rd variant of a character, other than He-Man and Skeletor. Personally, I'd also love to see a New Adventures Sorceress, but I doubt we'll see that. However...if 2015 is the year of the new movie, then maybe that WOULD be enough for a full fledged subscription in 2016, and maybe beyond that. There would still be plenty of characters to make; obscure or new, but plenty.

    I also wanted to throw in Evil Robot and Crystoll. I just couldn't find a place for them.
    Thanks! Yeah, I have a feeling the Teela Vs Evil-Lyn pack could create quite a stir, both good and bad. On the one hand, there are still so many people in need of Teela, that I couldn't imagine that sort of pack collecting dust on Matty's site. And a lot of folks still want that 2002 styled Evil-Lyn. But then there IS the whole "Well, if we get these two, we're going to miss out on some of the other folks." But then again, if these are offered "outside the sub", then they're not really taking the place of anybody- I suppose. I dunno... there's a lot of ways to look at it I guess. Other similar Two-Packs I thought of that would be neat along the lines of Teela 3.0 Vs. Evil-Lyn 3.0 were: Illumina & MYP Sorceress (for the 2002 era fans) or a nice NA Sorceress & NA Teela Two-Pack (for the NA fans). But then, these are also pretty much the same characters getting their 3rd variants...
    Oh yeah. I forgot to include Loo-Kee too! I guess if I were to stick him in, it would be perfect to slot him in as a Traveling Convention Exclusive. You know, that whole "Where's Loo-Kee?" thing...
    "He's at NYTF, 2015!"... LOL.

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    The way i see it TG has stated he wants to make all the figures that were made in the original line (MOTU, POP, NA) as well as sprinkle in some filmation, mini comic, Jetlag, etc, etc. And all of this should wrap up in the next 2-3 years. So, I agree that figuring out a formula is the best way of getting making sure that all those characters get made. Now in regards to characters that have never had figures, we have a pretty good clue as to who some of them were going to be. Back when we voted on a fan choice figure, some of these popped out when we narrowed it down to the 8 that were sumbitting.

    Figures reported to already be under consideration by Mattel:

    Calix - Seen in: MYP He-Man episode: “The Power of Grayskull”

    Description: Calix was a member of the Horde during the time of King Grayskull. When this hulking stone-like being offers counsel to Hordak, he is quickly destroyed by the ruthless leader of the Evil Horde who “so hates bad news.” Fans have been asked for him since he appeared in this episode, so it's no surprise Mattel may already have him lined up.

    Goat Man - Seen in: MOTU Golden Book "Secret of The Dragons Egg" pgs 13, 14, 15

    Description: Goat Man is an Evil Warrior who takes his orders from Beast Man. His demonic horned visage is a fearsome sight to behold. He was shown on the slide at the Mattypalooza panel revealing Mattel now had rights to Filmation and various book characters. It makes sense to hear he's potentially moving forward as a figure.

    Hordak (Filmation) - Seen in: Filmation She-Ra series

    Description: Hordak’s color scheme in the cartoon differed from the colors on his action figure. Notably, his arms, legs and the “crest” on his head are blue in the cartoon. An obvious choice in the eyes of many fans. It's possible he would have been one of the final 2-pack releases before the DCUC vs MOTUC line was canceled.

    Songster - Seen in: The Masters of the Universe “Power Tour”

    Description: Songster is the great bard and minstrel of Eternia. He relays epic stories through song and music. He dresses in a very flamboyant manner and carries a hybrid ax/guitar. Word on the street is that he's planned and lined up for a future release. Love him or hate him, he was the second most requested character on the forums.

    Wind Raider Pilot - Seen in: Art from 80s “Grayskull poster”

    Description: A masked pilot is seen flying the Wind Raider in the painted art for one of the classic MOTU battle posters. Nothing is known about this enigmatic individual. It has been rumored this figure was originally supposed to come with the Wind Raider.

    Figures bumped due to tooling restrictions or other reasons:

    Admiral Scurvy - Seen in: Filmation She-Ra episode "Anchors Aloft Part 1 & 2"

    Description: A “seafaring” Horde villain, Admiral Scurvy is the sworn enemy of Sea Hawk. His eye patch obscures a small laser cannon which is embedded in his eye socket. He is evil through and through. It may require too much tooling to be in this poll.

    Castle Grayskull robot armor - Seen in: A standup from inside the original Castle Grayskull playset

    Description: Many have wondered about the origins of the robot armor found within the walls of Castle Grayskull. Perhaps one day its mysteries will be revealed. It would require too much tooling to be in this poll.

    Crystoll - Seen in: Prototype of the He-Man (New Adventures) figure Karatti

    Description: This crystalline warrior concept for the 1989 “He-Man” toyline was later redesigned as the character Karatti. The original design is quite different from the final toy. It would require too much new tooling to be in this poll.

    Demon of the Shakarran Crystal - Seen in: MVCreations He-Man comic Volume 1 issue 4 - pages 15,16,17,18

    Description: The “demon” trapped within the Shakarran Crystal is a force of pure evil. The entity is capable of corrupting any who spend too much time with the crystal. The being trapped in the crystal is part of Nordor’s (aka Horde Prime’s) essence. When the foul entity eventually emerges, it takes on a misshapen semblance of He-Man’s appearance. It's more of a beast figure, and would require too much new tooling to be in this poll.

    Granita - Seen in: Filmation She-Ra episodes “The Rock People” and “The Light of the Crystal,” and in the MOTU newspaper comic strips

    Description: Granita is a heroic female member of the peaceful Rock People. In the newspaper strips she is depicted as Stonedar’s daughter and Rokkon’s sister. It is likely that she was planned as a figure for the MOTU line. It would require too much tooling to be in this poll.

    Haramesh - Seen in: He-Man mini-comic "Siege Of Avion"

    Description: Haramesh is a foul yellow demon with horns and large fangs. Using the Emerald Staff of Avion, Skeletor commands the infernal creature to destroy Castle Grayskull. It's more of a beast figure, and would require too much new tooling to be in this poll.

    Hunga the Harpy - Seen in: Filmation She-Ra episode “Reunions”/“Secret of the Sword” movie

    Description: Hunga is the nightmarish harpy queen of Etheria’s Talon Mountains. The winged creature once kidnapped Queen Angella but was later defeated by He-Man and She-Ra. It may require too much tooling to be in this poll.

    Keclar - Seen in: UK Magazine and Adventure Magazine/Comics, several issues including the Twins of Power Special pages 3, 4, 5

    Description: Keclar was the leader of the Elders of Eternia. He was a powerful mage with a distinctively tall hat and a flowing white beard. It would require too much tooling to be in this poll.

    Might Bite - Seen in: Concept MVCreations comic character

    Description: This Evil Horde shark man was illustrated by Emiliano Santalucia and has appeared on He-Man.Org. His vicious jaws await unwilling prey. Despite being the third most requested character on the forums, this was a concept character that didn't make his way into the MVCreations comic in time.

    Red Knight - Seen in: Filmation She-Ra cartoon episode "The Red Knight"

    Description: No one knows the identity of the heroic Red Knight. When the Evil Horde attacks the Rebels as they make their way to the Rebel Fair, the Red Knight arrives on horseback to help the heroes. The Red Knight asserts that his identity will remain a mystery until Etheria is free. It may require too much tooling to be in this poll.

    Sleetah - Seen in: Advertisement in MVCreations He-Man comic Volume 3 Issue 2

    Description: Sleetah the snowcat is Illumina’s massive, white-furred feline companion and mount. Little is known about this magnificent animal. She would be a beast based on the Battle Cat and Panthor tooling.

    Zodac (200x alien design) - Seen in: Original Four Horsemen concept for the 200X Zodac

    Description: The Four Horsemen originally designed the 200X Zodac as a lanky, long-limbed extraterrestrial. This design is a radical departure from both the vintage Zodac and the final 200X Zodak. It would require too much tooling to be in this poll.

    The Obvious List:

    Batros - Seen in: Filmation He-Man episode: "The Great Books Mystery"

    Description: Batros is an intelligent bat-like villain from the dark hemisphere of Eternia. When the books on Eternia vanish, Batros is revealed as the culprit. The clever scoundrel knows that knowledge is the most valuable power of all. Batros is a figure many fans have wanted as a figure for years.

    Crita - Seen in: Many episodes of The New Adventures of He-Man

    Description: Crita is the only female Mutant in Flogg’s villainous ranks, and is the most human-looking member of that motley crew. The devious Crita enjoys a flirtatious relationship with Skeletor, who encourages the villainess to become the official Mutant consultant to the Gleanons on the planet Nekron. Female villains in figure form are rare and Crita would be a welcome addition.

    Eldor - Seen in: 1987 Mattel catalog, prototype MOTU: Powers of Grayskull figure

    Description: A prototype figure and cardback were created for Eldor in the 80s, but he was never released as a toy. Eldor was a wise sage and mentor to the legendary He-Ro. His white beard and elderly appearance belie the fact that he was a powerful heroic force in Preternia. He was the guardian of the Book of Living Spells. We're surprised he hasn't been released already as a figure.

    Fang-Man - Seen in: Filmation He-Man episode "The Time Corridor"

    Description: Fang-Man is a reptilian, blue-scaled Evil Warrior who serves Skeletor. He possesses the power to control Dragosaurs and is quite the fiend. Fang Man accompanies Skeletor on a vile mission into the past. Fang-Man is one of the top He-Man Filmation characters requested by fans to receive the figure treatment.

    Icer - Seen in: Filmation He-Man cartoon season 2 episode 11, "The Ice Age Cometh"

    Description: Icer is an Evil Warrior in service to Skeletor. The chilling villain possesses cold-based powers. For example, he can turn himself into water and can encase enemies in ice. Icer assists Skeletor in his plan to infiltrate the Eternian Weather Station. He is a figure many fans have wanted as a figure for years.

    Imp - Seen in: Many episodes of the Filmation She-Ra cartoon

    Description: Imp is the wise-cracking, mischievous sidekick to Hordak. The rancid little troublemaker is dear to Hordak and, unlike all the other members of the Horde, Imp is somehow exempt from his master’s fits of anger. Given his size, we wouldn't be surprised if he's included as an accessory somewhere down the line.

    Lizard Man - Seen in: Filmation He-Man episodes "She-Demon of Phantos" and "Song of Celice"

    Description: Lizard Man is a reptilian Heroic Warrior. He is very quick and agile. Lizard Man journeys to Phantos with He-Man, Teela, Stratos, Battle Cat, and Man-At-Arms. There, he assists in the battle against the possessed Queen Elmora. He also accompanies He-Man and other Heroic Warriors in their mission to stop Yog. He was shown on the slide at the Mattypalooza panel revealing Mattel now had rights to Filmation and various book characters. It makes sense that he's potentially moving forward as a figure.

    Lord Masque - Seen in: Filmation He-Man episode “House of Shokoti part I”

    Description: Masque is a mysterious villain who serves the ancient witch Shokoti. When Prince Adam and his comrades set out to find the Fortress in the Sands, Masque attempts to delay them. He-Man finally confronts Masque and, with Orko’s help, destroys the villain’s mask which causes Masque to dissolve into nothingness.

    Madam Razz & Broom - Seen in: Many Filmation She-Ra episodes

    Description: Madame Razz is a very kind-hearted old witch, and she is also a member of the Great Rebellion. She is one of the few who know that Adora and She-Ra are one and the same. Despite her addle-brained behavior, Madame Razz possesses great power and wisdom. She is rarely seen without her sarcastic companion, Broom.

    Mara - Seen in: Many episodes of the New Adventures of He-Man cartoon series and had an unreleased prototype He-Man (New Adventures) figure.

    Description: Mara is the heroic assistant of Master Sebrian. She later becomes the leader of the Galactimytes. She comes quite close to figuring out that He-Man and Prince Adam are the same person. Mara has two distinct looks in the cartoon. She starts out with simple robes, and is later depicted with a look more in line with her unreleased prototype action figure.

    Prahvus - Seen in: MYP He-Man cartoon episode “Out of the Past”

    Description: A warlord who wreaked havoc on Eternia after the rise of the Mystic Wall, Prahvus was a fearsome figure in Eternia’s history. When he attempted to attack the village of Pelleezeea, he was defeated by a young Sorceress. Later, Prahvus joined other warlords and terrorized Eternian lands during The Great Unrest.

    Scorpia - Seen in: Many episodes of the Filmation She-Ra cartoon

    Description: One of the more popular Filmation Horde villains, Scorpia speaks in rough tones and behaves in rough ways. While she possesses the face and body of a human woman, she has red scorpion pincers instead of hands. She also has a tail which can deliver a terrible sting to her victims. Scorpia is a deadly foe.

    Sea Hawk - Seen in: Several Filmation She-Ra cartoon episodes

    Description: Sea Hawk is a pirate who aids the Horde by delivering supplies in exchange for money. Despite this, he is a good man. Adora shows Sea Hawk the error of his ways and convinces him to join the Rebellion. There is much romantic chemistry between Sea Hawk and Adora. He was shown on the slide at the Mattypalooza panel revealing Mattel now had rights to Filmation and various book characters. It makes sense that he's potentially moving forward as a figure.

    Shokoti - Seen in: Filmation He-Man episode “House of Shokoti Part II”

    Description: Shokoti is an ancient and evil sorceress from Eternia’s past. Her spirit is awakened by young Stanlan when he enters her temple. Unspeakable horrors await He-Man as he, Battle Cat, and Ram Man attempt to rescue the boy from Shokoti’s clutches. She was shown on the slide at the Mattypalooza panel revealing Mattel now had rights to Filmation and various book characters. It makes sense that she's potentially moving forward as a figure.

    Strong Arm - Seen in: Filmation He-Man episode “She-Demon of Phantos”

    Description: Strongarm is an Evil Warrior in service to Skeletor. He wears a hideous spiked metal mask and is possessed of a powerful cybernetic arm. Strongarm appears to be a capable and powerful villain. He accompanies Skeletor and Mer-Man to Phantos when the Lord of Destruction attempts to take control of the planet’s Photanium supply. Strong Arm is one of the top He-Man Filmation characters requested by fans to receive the figure treatment.

    So we could count as the ones sprinkled throughout, But in looking at the existing trademarks, some become even more likely.
    Rio Blast

    Dare, Son of Heman(1)

    Sweet Bee
    Madame Razz and Broom

    Galactic Guardians(3)

    Evil Warriors(1)
    Two Bad

    Horde Troopers
    Despera ?

    Tung Lashor

    Space Mutants(0)

    Mini Comic(2)

    Ceratus ?
    Lord Dactys


    Battle Ram Chariot
    silver storm

    Masters Needed(4)

    POP Needed(7)
    Double Trouble

    NA Needed(7)

    Evil Warriors Needed(7)

    Horde Needed(5)

    Snakemen Needed(2)
    Blast Attack

    Space Mutants Needed(7)

    200X Needed(1)

    Independent Needed (1)

    The total amount of figures here are
    Masters (4+4)=8
    POP (7+7)=14
    Dare (1+0)=1
    GG (3+7)=10
    Evil Warriors (1+7)=8
    Horde (6+5)=11
    Snakemen (1+2)=3
    Mutants (0+7)=7
    Mini comics (2+0)=2
    200x (2+1)=3
    Independent (1+1)=2
    bringing the total to 69

    So by looking at this list a couple of them i am skeptical of being made. Despera is a brand new character/variant that although the design is really cool(wouldn't mind a figure myself) she would need to come after all the vintage stuff comes first. The Horde Troopers fall into a quarterly category since they would be a 2 pack army builder, so you could pull them out of the regular line up. Songster and the Windraider pilot were also mentioned as already under consideration by Mattel, but in light of the recent developments, these 2 seem like they will have to hit the backburner, much like Despera, till all the vintage figures get made. Also something worth noting is how they will treat the little figures(Imp, Loo-Kee, Kowl, Gwildor), will they take the same route as Orko/Prince Adam, where they will pack in a variant like Imp with Filmation Hordak, or some other form. I assume that they will all use the same body type in order to get the best use of their buck. And In regards to Rotar and Twistoid, Would these be potential for a 2-pack or separately carded. I assume they will try to use existing bucks, but One of the biggest problems with these 2 was they couldn't stand on their own. Much like King Hiss, or when Mermista comes out, will they have a swappable lower body and get a set of legs? and their gyroscope as a stand(something Shadow Weaver/Orko. The last thing I want to point out is in regards to characters like Sagitar, Modulak, and Multibot(and to a certain extent Mantenna, who has 4 legs as well) These will be considered oversized or Beast figures, Much like we saw with Ram Man, so I feel they would thrown into Quarterly Slots, Not regular monthly slots.
    Now, all the characters here are here because of information that exists (Trademarks, reliably rumors,etc) So This is where I add my little Bias of who I think are "essential Characters missing from this list", and let me preface this by saying that these are only speculation, therefore all these characters will be put at the tail end of my 3-4 year plan to get all the "confirmed" characters out first, and the list has been narrowed down to what "I" feel are the essentials missing.

    Master Serbian (NA)- Leader of Primus, Played Important role in whole Jetlag cartoon
    Evilseed (Filmation/200x)- In both cartoons, powerful enemy and fan demanded character
    King Miro (Filmation/200x)- In both Cartoons, plays important role in new mini comics, fan demanded character
    Vultak (Horde)-recurring role in cartoon, fits well with character profile of the Horde, fan demanded character
    Evil Robot (Horde/Evil Warrior)- Only other prototype (besides He-ro and Eldor) from vintage line not made
    And Skelators robot knights(Filmation)- Long awaited, army builder for Skelator, fan demanded

    So taking all that information the total will look something like this
    Masters (4+4)=8
    POP (7+7)=14
    Dare (1+0)=1
    GG (3+7)=10(+Master Sebrian)=11
    Evil Warriors (1+7)=8 (+Robot Knights)=9
    Horde (6+5)=11 (+Vultak+Evil Robot-Despera)=12
    Snakemen (1+2)=3
    Mutants (0+7)=7
    Mini comics (2+0)=2
    200x (2+1)=3(+Evillseed+King Miro)=5
    Independent (1+1)=2
    bringing the total to 74

    Taking the formula used for 2013 Sub( Our best indication of what is to come for future subs) We would be getting
    12 Monthly figures
    1 Sub Exclusive
    1 Sdcc Exclusive
    1 Traveling Convention Exclusvie
    4 Quarterly Items
    -1 Oversized Figure ( Sagitar, Modulak, Multibot, Mantenna)
    -1 Army Builder 2-pack (Horde Troopers, Robot Knights) I would hope to see one for each faction as each has a selection to choose from but POP(Brightmoon Guards), GG (Primus Troopers), and Mutants (Mutant "stormtroopers") are far less well known and demanded as well as Skelator's Skelaton Warriors and Skelacons
    -1 Beast (steed of some kind, i.e, Silver Storm, Mantisaur, Battle Raptor, Clawdeen, or Battle Lion)
    - 1 Variant ( Na Skelator, Terror Claw Skelator, Flying Fists He-man, Buzz Saw Hordak, Filmation Hordak)

    Splitting each faction equally over 4 years would give us
    Masters (4+4)=8 : 2 per year (4 to push them out)
    POP (7+7)=14 : 3 per year (6 to push them out)
    GG (3+7)=10(+master Sebrian)=11 : 3 per year
    Evil Warriors (1+7)=8 (+Robot Knights)=9 : 2 per year ( 4 to push them out)
    Horde (6+5)=11 (+Vultak+Evil Robot-Despera)=12 : 3 per year (6 to push them out)
    Snakemen (1+2)=3 : 1 per year
    Mutants (0+7)=7 : 2 per year
    Mini comics (2+0)=2 \
    200x (2+1)=3(+Evillseed+King Miro)=5 \
    Independent (1+1)=2 / these factions combined = 10 , 2 per year
    Dare (1+0)=1 /

    So starting with the remainder of 2013

    SDCC:Madame Razz and Broom
    Aug: Hydron
    Oct: Sweet Bee + Robot Knights Army Builder

    The robots have long been waiting for their chance to be made into figures and maybe they can be base could be used for both Twistoid and Rotar as well. Others hit fan demanded characters as well as fits in with the trademarks existing.

    Jan - Rio Blast
    Feb - Two Bad
    Mar - Spinarella
    Apr - Tung Lashor
    May - Darius
    Jun - Staghorn
    Jul - Mermista
    Aug - Tuskador
    Sep - Ninjor
    Oct - Stondear
    Nov - Castaspella
    Dec - Ceratus

    Q1 - Modulak
    Q2 - Silver Storm
    Q3 - NA Skeletor with Grr
    Q4 - Horde Troopers

    SDCC Exclusive - Dymalug with Catra cat form (reuse of cringer buck)
    Traveling Con - Oo-lar
    Sub Exclusive - Crita

    This year helps to final To start bringing in more Filmation and Fan demanded figures (Two Bad, Horde Troopers, Modulak) as well as filling out the ranks of some of the other factions that dont have much representation. Also getting Two bad allows us to to have the double head neck pegs for Modulak, who would benefit from being considered as an oversized figure to allow us to give him the 4 legs.

    Jan - Rokkon
    Feb - Blade
    Mar - Scorpia
    Apr - Squeeze
    May - Spinwit
    Jun - Flogg
    Jul - Peekablue
    Aug - Entrapta
    Sep - Strongarm
    Oct - Gwildor
    Nov - Mara
    Dec - Lodar

    Q1 - Mantenna
    Q2 - Battle Raptor
    Q3 - Flying Fists He-man
    Q4 - Brightmoon Guards/ POP Army Builder

    SDCC Exclusive -Glimmer with Kowl
    Traveling Con - Imp with Filmation Hordak
    Sub Exclusive - Dare with Battle Bird/Kraven

    This year was about again filling the ranks of factions as well as introducing the movie characters into the mix. I decided to include the little characters as pack-ins, cause I find it hard to believe they will be the same price for them as regular characters.
    Jan - Lizard Man
    Feb - Angella
    Mar - Saurod
    Apr - Blast Attack
    May - Dragstor
    Jun - Lizzor
    Jul - Artilla
    Aug - Double Trouble
    Sep - Callix
    Oct - Quakke
    Nov - Icer
    Dec - Masque

    Q1 - Sagitar
    Q2 - Mantisaur
    Q3 - Terror Claw Skelator
    Q4 - Mutant "Stormtroopers" Army Builder

    SDCC Exclusive - SeaHawk with Loo-kee
    Traveling Con - Batros
    Sub Exclusive - Eldor

    This year I put alot of the remaining fan demanded characters, and adding the new buck of Lizardman, so he could be reused for Saurod and Lizzor.
    Jan - Extender
    Feb - Goatman
    Mar - Butthead
    Apr - Kayo
    May - Perfuma
    Jun - King Miro
    Jul - Nocturna
    Aug - Vultak
    Sep - Vizar
    Oct - Hoove
    Nov - Flutterina
    Dec - Pravhus

    Q1 - Multi-bot
    Q2 - Battle Lion
    Q3 - Starburst She-ra
    Q4 - Primus Troopers

    SDCC Exclusive - Rotar + Twistoid
    Traveling Con - Evilseed
    Sub Exclusive - Master Sebrian

    Finally This year I managed to fit all vintage figures, albeit some being C-listers into the mix. I also added my Picks for Who Mattel has left out, and although I had to combine rotar and twistoid in a two pack I think it makes sense as they are not quite normal sized characters but not small characters either, and used them as the SDCC Exclusive so it is optional to bow out from them.
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    I'll take anything as long as it's a new character. No more variants.

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    That is a mighty chunk of text up there.

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    I'm digging Prahvus' list, makes the most sense to me as far as keeping it simple and containing most of the core characters I need from the different factions. Well done!
    Mike Scabs

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    Just wanted to be as concise as possible so explain the way I came up with my schudule.

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