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Thread: Jester and some cross over's customs... Vintage!

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    Jester and some cross over's customs... Vintage!

    So first of, here is Jester.

    Jester 01.jpg

    He is another custom inspired by the awsome artwork Danbrenus did. ( If you like vintage, you have got tho check it!

    Don't know much about this guy exept he looks awsome with his colours. As soon as I get to it, I'm giving him a Snake logo underneath his chest "armour", to spike up Hiss's troops. Jester has that cold blood thing going for him so hope there are no haters of that.

    And then the invaders.
    The introduction is, I got some old comic's from my brother he had as extra's. And I realy liked the Style of the badguys, always did. So here are Hobgoblin and Dr.Doom vintage style.

    hobgoblin 01.jpgDr Doom 01.jpgDr doom Hobgoblin.jpg

    I know the cape of Dr.Doom isn't all that but that's all the green fabric I had. The face of Dr.Doom is a bit fleshrotten.... don't know if that's acurate with the real storyline but I like the surprise underneath. And hey, I don't know what he has been through to get to Eternia......
    I havn't got an extra Sled for Hobgoblin but that's an obvious one for the future.
    Special thanks to E-man and Tyke for the great feedback and encouragements in the build, thanks guys!

    Hope you all like.
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    Nope.... nothing here! Just a link to my site with customs!

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