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Thread: What do you LIKE about the bios?

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    What do you LIKE about the bios?

    I know many of us have problems with the bios, things we don't like, things we hate, but I thought it may be a good idea to gather some information on what we actually like about the bios. It's easy to focus on the negative but it may be helpful for us (and Mattel) to know what parts of the Classics Canon works and is liked by many.

    In this thread I would like to collect those things *you* personally LIKE (or even *gasp* love) about the bios, which Classics story elements work for you (regardless whether the source is Filmation, the Minicomics, or something else). And please don't shy away from posting if something you like has already been said - if we hear specific things more than once it may become clearer what the fandom actually thinks is s good idea.

    I would like this thread to stay somewhat positive, so PLEASE restrain from posting "that you don't like anything" or what exactly you DON'T like or argue why another person's opinion is not correct - there should be plenty of other places to do that.

    In the following you find links to three threads that may help you to refresh your memories:

    1. The MOTUC Bios & Canon Discussion thread with all the bios,
    2. the MOTUC Narrative based on the bios, and
    3. my own MotUC Timeline thread, that tries to put the information from the bios into chronological order.

    So please let us all know what story elements, ideas and plots points you actually LIKE in the MotUC world.

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